Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So... funny story.

I dated this guy on once. And by once, I mean once. He was a cop... locally, let's say, and he was seriously the worst date ever. He was good looking, sure, but he spoke of very inappropriate things on our date - things that you should never ever discuss. Ever. Somehow, I think that I was supposed to be impressed by these things, but given my self-respecting attitude... I was not. So after a few hours of letting him buy me drinks (because it was the least he could do), he offered to drive me to my car. He's a cop, right? Yeah. Let's just say that his behavior (albeit shocking and BRIEF) was presumptuous, as he practically (practically?) attacked me in the car.

Did I mention he was a cop?

Anyway... [insert laughter here] fast forward three years later (and after I've denounced - for the second time in a month, I saw his twin brother out in the city. And, because I'm me, I say, "Hey! You're the brother."

The brother turns out to be somewhat friendly (which is very likely an act in itself), and as it turns out, my friend that is with me actually talked to this brother on match a year or two back. Sha? They are sluts, apparently. How gross is it that these people are out there making it that much more difficult to find someone? And cops, nonetheless. It's funny and pathetic at the same time. To this day, I still have the first cop's number in my phone, just so I know never to answer it. My friend said that she does the same thing, but labels them, "Never answer this call" or something similar. Being single is such a chore sometimes.


Blogger jpb2525 said...

yeah - but the cop fantasy?! Always wanted to date a cop - so do you want me to go beat him up for you? (Just kiddin!) Hang in there ~ people survived and found love BEFORE so will you.

January 03, 2008 12:06 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

Wow! I have a number in my phone that says DON"T ANSWER!" The thought of putting the guy's name in my new phone made me realize I might somehow feel guilty and answer anyway- after a few creepy calls, I realized Don't Answer was the way to go.

January 03, 2008 8:49 AM  
Blogger NPR Junky said...

Wow. I never thought to do the "don't answer this call" in the cell phone thing. Good idea!

And, I've dated a cop (surprise surprise). And my words to you are: DON'T BOTHER. Find someone in the military.

But don't forget, there are really crummy women out there, too, making it just as hard for nice guys to find nice girls.

January 03, 2008 9:16 AM  
Blogger johnny dollar said...


i've heard mosts of horror stories.

i have a friend in d.c. who insists on continuing to date girls through despite the obvious pattern that they are looking for hookups while he is looking for a "girl like dear old mom."

me being me, i hesitate to offer dating advice. but it seems so obvs from my perspective.

of course i want to know the inappropriate things your cop date spoke about. girth? hehehe...

January 03, 2008 10:03 AM  
Blogger Summer said...

I suppose I should say "They aren't all bad" because I met my hubby on Match, but it wasn't all that popular then and I'm sure the cretin factor has increased tremendously after 5 years.

January 03, 2008 11:37 AM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Ahhh... my favorite twins. Sorry I ever encouraged that "match."

January 04, 2008 2:02 AM  
Blogger julie said...

The good news is... not all cops are like that. :) The "don't answer" thing works, though. I have my own little code for it in my phone book.

January 04, 2008 5:52 PM  

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