Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thoughts on The Sopranos

I'm on the sixth and final season of The Sopranos. I love this show. I've enjoyed almost every minute of it from the first through the fifth seasons, but I have to admit that the beginning of season six was disappointing. I just wasn't crazy about the coma stuff. It's not that the whole thing was unrealistic, but just that those episodes went on forever. They were the longest three episodes to date, and they were the least enjoyable - not because I was sad or whatever, but it was just boring.

I'm four episodes in now, and I am insanely disappointed that there still hasn't been any redemption over the attack on Dr. Melfi. How has this not come up yet? It was disgusting to watch, but I can't be the only viewer who found some comfort after the fact because I assumed that good revenge was coming soon. Anyone? It's frustrating.

At least season six is a really long season - it has about twenty shows. I desperately need Tony to become a bad ass again. I know when I started watching I said that I liked the humanity of the show - watching Tony Soprano expose his soul a little - but it can't be all heart. It can't. What we have here in season six is an unbalanced show... and I fear that if it goes on much longer I'll be disappointed in the finale. Time will tell, I guess.


Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

Love the Sopranos ... although you do realize there are *two* season sixes, right? (Silly HBO!)

From a character development position, I thought the attack on Melfi ("Employee of the Month": wasn't it season 3 or 4?) was pretty amazing. Not because I thought Melfi deserved it, but because she was always there in this sort of judgemental position over Tony, and then she's placed in this situation where the law can't help her but he absolutely would, and the pain visited on her and her family could be repaid a dozen times over on her attacker.

I don't think there's any question what I would do in her position. I totally would've gone to Tony. But she held firm to her guns -- she wavered a bit, she considered it, but she held absolutely firm in her convictions. Contrast that with Tony, who'd kill his best friend in a minute for power or money, and you really wonder why everyone thinks of Tony as this great, wonderful hero, when in reality, he's a brutal thug who'd be doing the world a favor if he put a .45 slug into his brain.

One of the things I've enjoyed the most about The Sopranos is the interaction between those two, and I think it's a real shame when her involvement was curtailed in later seasons of the show. I'm trying to remember if it was ever stated that Melfi started cutting back her sessions with Tony because of the temptations she had regarding this issue, but my memory of the show is a bit cobwebby.

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