Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Still Can't Sleep

Stupid allergies. I've been suffering all week. I had a few work days in a row where sleep just didn't come, and even my few hours of drinking with Katie earlier didn't help with the sleep problem. My nose is stuffy, my sinuses are draining (no infection, relax), and the itchy throat situation is keeping me up coughing. Ugh. At least I have plenty of blog posts in Google Reader to keep me busy at 4 AM.

So Katie and I went to Bay Cafe for a fun meetup. We met new friends, and I chatted with an Armando Montelongo look-alike, as well as a fledgling 22 year old that looked and acted 30. I met two nice folks originally from Ohio (Katie says I find them wherever we go), and we ended the night with a final drink at Elliott's Pour House in Brewer's Hill. Overall it was an early night and I was asleep by 11:30. And now I'm awake. The sun will be up soon which will make it even harder for me to sleep. Allergies suck.


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