Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Weekend?

I'm working at our distribution center all weekend - supporting the company with a number of large and important projects that we've won this year. Today I started working at 7 AM, worked until almost 3:30 PM, had a few post-work beers and came home and crashed. I've showered and eaten, but other than that I'm pretty useless. Antonio, Elliott and I are slumming on the couch, and even now I'm fighting sleep.

Tomorrow we start an hour later at 8 AM and work until 4:30 PM. I know... my weekend is pretty blown, so this upcoming week is going to be rough. And because I think we still have a lot to ship this week, I'll probably pick up some evening hours on Monday or Tuesday.

There's no choice but to be grateful, though. With the economy being what it is, we're still doing fairly well, and we're growing in many ways. It's exciting to be a part of an organization that blazes its own trails, rather than follows economic trends. So although I've been working a lot lately, I'm enjoying the excitement. Now if I could just remember to get proper rest, I'll be all set...


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