Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friggin' Helluva Day

There are always a few days throughout the year that are unlucky. January, in general, is my unlucky month... followed by March. And today, well, today wasn't the good by a long shot.

For me it started off stressful because I have run out of Elliott's medicine and need more. The vet told me that Elliott was due for (yet another) blood test, and I had to explain that I didn't have $100 right now for an exam and blood test and medication, so they would have to decide whether or not to write me a prescription or not. Yeah... that was fun. There's nothing like looking like an asshole owner with no feelings. But really... another bloodtest? Elliott has had more blood tests in six months than I have in six years. Anyway...

On the way to work I also realized that I never completed that repair order issued to me back in May for a broken tag light, and after realizing that I am now just over the 30 day limit, I decided to handle it today and try to avoid any fees or penalties, if possible.

So I arrived at work and the morning went by quickly. I've been slowly gathering everything required for a passport application for a few weeks now, and this week I'd decided that I'd turn in all of the paperwork today at lunch and just get it done. Well, it took a good 90 minutes. Yep, 90 minutes. So I was completely rushing back to the office after that, and quickly learned upon returning from the post office that one of my good friends got sick during lunch. Of course I hurried upstairs to check on her as soon as I got back, and with her (potentially) feeling better after awhile, I went back downstairs to work where a number of things went wrong, awry, and askew. I finally left work at 6:45, only deciding on the way home that yes, I still had to handle this repair order problem, and detoured towards the auto parts store.

The first store closed at 5:30 PM. The second store was open, and (without help, I might add) I found the correct bulb which cost a mere $3.90 a pack. I headed home, arriving well after 7:30, changed to jeans, grabbed tools, and let out Antonio. The first two screwdrivers didn't work on the screws holding in the tail light. In fact, it took a third screwdriver and a pair of pliers to remove those evil screws, and then a lot of crafty, dirty maneuvering to get to the bulb. Overall, I'd say the whole process took about 45 minutes. What a pain in the ass.

After heading inside, I looked up repair orders on the Maryland Gov website and realized that I actually might be in worse shape than I thought. Apparently I had ten days to fix the bulb and 30 days to send in the form, so now I'm not only late but I'm really, really late. In addition, the web site said that if I failed to mail the form within 30 days, a letter would be mailed informing me of suspended registration. (Gulp.)

I called the local district police - because the web site said that either a repair center or police officer could sign a corrected repair order - and no one was there except the dispatcher. Knowing that the SE district police are always at the Royal Farms in Brewer's Hill, I took off in my car to track them down - along with two movies that I forgot I'd promised to returned to Blockbuster.

So I drove by Royal Farms and no one was there. That was okay, since I still had to go to Blockbuster, so I drove to Blockbuster where, upon arrival, realized that one DVD was still in my DVD player at home. (AH!) I dropped off one movie, turned around, drove past Royal Farms again (no cops), and headed home for the DVD. I grabbed the DVD, drove past Royal Farms for the third time (no cops), drove to Blockbuster, dropped off the second movie, and drove past the Royal Farms again (no cops).

I finally gave up. There's nothing more I could have accomplished tonight, but now I know I'll sleep horribly because I'll dream all night long that I'm going to jail. (My Good Girl complex is responsible for that, thanks.) To top it all off, my girlfriend? The one that was sick? (I won't name names unless she wants to call herself out), her dad lost one of his dogs today. I mean, WHAT THE HELL? WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS DAY??

I'm taking two Advil PMs and going to bed. This day really can't be over fast enough.


Blogger Jodi said...

Tomorrow is new and fresh with no mistakes in it... yet!!! I love you!

June 25, 2008 12:20 AM  
Anonymous jill said...

Here's to a better Wednesday, lady!

June 25, 2008 9:55 AM  
Blogger Cassie said...

Oh Rissa,
I have had days like that. Months actually. Last year, read my March and April blogs. I truly thought I had peed on by a Leprechaun. It does get better, and soon you will thank God for these days because they make the good days seem even better. Love you

June 25, 2008 2:05 PM  
Blogger cherylann said...

Here's hoping that tomorrow is fresh and new... and better.

June 25, 2008 3:34 PM  

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