Sunday, July 06, 2008


I was coaxed outdoors to play today by the kind JJT, who was hell bent to make me live a little. Yes, it was an intervention. And it was much appreciated. I know I've been killing myself with the work hours, and as a result I'm a 100% couch potato on my off hours. JJT staged an intervention today, and I am so very appreciative. We had fun. :)

So today was my first visit to Harvest Table over in Locust Point. And YUM. I had a veggie/cheese omelet which they made it a little differently because the veggies were cooked and served on top of the eggs. Different, but delicious. And the mimosas... oh so good. Who knew any place had unlimited mimosa refills? I love brunch.

We also visited a few open houses today just for fun. No, I can't buy... I still have at least a year of bill paying before I can consider it, but it's fun to see what's out there. My favorite house was in Canton but had tiny, tiny closets. That's a deal killer. My second favorite house had a lot of natural charm and original details. I loved the hard wood and kitchen, but no deck. I know. I don't need a deck... but I want one. Lastly, we saw a new construction with CRAZY high ceilings. After a few minutes I knew this wasn't a house I could live in. I felt so small.

Today was nice though. No plans, no schedule. I forget that life can be like that. I think I'll start looking at open houses more frequently so that maybe when I'm ready to buy, I'll know exactly what I want. The only downside to open house visiting is most assuredly the desperation of these Realtors. They are totally whoring themselves out (sorry, mom), and it's sad. They'll say anything to sell a house these days... and I'm just not ready quite yet.

Sigh... I want to be a homeowner.


Anonymous JJT said...

I was glad to intervene and get you out of both the work and social funk that you find yourself in at the moment. I had an enjoyable time, good conversation, good food, and good drinks. We might have to make this a more regular occurrence.

As for housing, it will come in time. The market is a buyer's market now, but you will find the place you want when you want it.

July 07, 2008 9:49 AM  

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