Saturday, January 24, 2009


I feel like crap today. Crap. Crapola. I am going to try to buy New Kids tickets in about 30 minutes, then I'm heading to Nicole's to help her move. At least I have things to do. You know that January has never been my month? Something ALWAYS happens to me in January. Last year? Elliott got terribly sick and needed surgery, and I got in my first car accident. Years before: seizures, arguments, finding out about lies/cheating... and lots of other stuff. I hate January. And this year? Jesus. Another car accident and a very private matter that I'm not comfortable talking about on here. I just want to say that I hate this month (yes, I am choosing to blame it on the month). I think the stars must align against me or something. You know what? Let's check my horoscope for the hell of it.

Your New Year gets off to a very 'new energy' kind of start on the 1st. You feel fresh, hopeful and strong -- ready to take on the world, and you will! Eat a healthy breakfast, do a good, sweaty workout and spend some quality time with close friends. Don't worry: You'll still have time to plan your year's biggest moves. On the 5th and 6th, the crazier your concept, the bigger its chances for success, so go wild! You are ready to unveil your fantastic new plan on the 10th. On the 14th, you're in full communication mode, so say whatever has been on your mind all this time. You could be feeling a little bit insecure on the 19th, but don't undersell yourself -- particularly when it comes to taking on a work project. You can do this! On the 24th, you are more than ready to work a little more balance into your life. Go to yoga, go for a swim, start weight training -- you can't live a purely intellectual life, after all! You'll already be feeling more intuitive on the 29th. On the 30th, slow down!

Hmph. Okay... so weight training according to this. Good thing I just got new 10 lb. weights.

I'm emoting. I'll go back to holding it in now...


Blogger cherylann said...

I totally believe that that we have certain months when everything goes wrong. Just stay strong and wait a few more weeks. February is almost here!!!

January 24, 2009 11:42 AM  

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