Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New List

I feel myself throwing up a wall again - that survival wall. I'm going to take my own advice and create some goals to help me get through this. Working always helps - it's so easy to throw myself into ten hour days, but I need to take on a few challenges to have that feeling of accomplishment. Success always breeds positive feelings.

- Work on Elliott blanket (what will it take to finish this, I wonder?)
- Get TVs changed out
- List one TV on Craig's List
- Drop trunk full of Goodwill off for those less fortunate
- Make a baby blanket for my cousin and his wife (anyone have pattern suggestions?)
- Start working on designs for above baby shower invitations
- Work up to my new 10 lb weights
- Lose 5 of my 10 lbs
- Make up a package/write a letter for my CCF child and send it
- Plan a girl's dinner
- Confirm wine dinner for 2/8
- Work on recipe book
- Try a few new recipes (TBD)

That's it for now. That's a lot. I think I can start a few today, too. Good times.



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