Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday (BB7 and Claddaugh) Nights

First things first... I came back from Claddaugh to watch BB7 on I could KILL Erika. She replaced Janelle with Danielle. Grrrrr. Honestly, from a 'Fantasy Big Brother' point of view, that doesn't mean too much, because two of my girls are safe... but STILL. I heart Danielle big time. Erika is soooo stupid. And she's not going to win, which leaves me with Janelle as my 'go to' girl.

Claddaugh was FUN! I saw so many folks I haven't seen in months. Wes (as in Wes McDonough) FINALLY sang my song.... which is why I boycotted him a few months ago. But I forgive him because he sang it as soon as I walked in. Nicely done, man... nicely done.

Here are a few photos... I really need to go to bed.

Wes singing... I forget now what it was. Small Town Fame, maybe? Very nice tan, too.

Russ and Jess... who are proud owners of a new golf cart I hope to soon have a joy ride in!

Heather and Charissa... you ROCK, lady. Missed you.

See you all next week! :)


Anonymous richie said...

Bye bye Dani! Fantasy BB is over unless George or Janelle wins HoH this week.

August 30, 2006 8:03 AM  

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