Friday, August 04, 2006

The Week is Over

I made it home at a very reasonable hour today, so I should be out jogging. Instead I am blogging and starting dinner. As much as I want to go jogging, I think I can wait another hour or so. The weather channel is still claiming it's 85 degrees out there, and even though that's tons better than it was even yesterday, a few more degrees cooler would be nice.

Today Jill and I took a much needed girls lunch at Chilis. It has been a tough few weeks at work, and since it was a Friday, we thought, "What better way to take a little break from work and prepare ourselves for the weekend afternoon than a lunch out?" We thought we'd treat ourselves to some friendship, good eats and drinks, and a lot of witty conversation.

Oh! What? Why is this photo here you ask? The pretty glasses? The glistening beverages? Uh..... no reason. Swear. It was of the next table's drinks. We just thought they looked pretty. Really. No... really.


Anonymous Patrick said...

Oh man, I have had way to many of those drinks when Chili's was right around the corner. Now I am just addicted to Guinness.

Have a great weekend!

August 04, 2006 11:00 PM  

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