Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Productive Day So Far

Antonio went to the vet today for his annual appointment. He is very healthy but weighed in at 11.1 lbs, which is a bit heavy for him. I decided last minute to have him micro-chipped. It was such a HUGE needle that it freaked me out at first, but honestly, he didn't seem to notice. It cost $44 for the chip and registration in Maryland, and another $17.50 to have him registered nation-wide. All of the cost is worth it to know that the likelihood of losing him is now pretty low. And there's always the added bonus of name calling. I'm writing a new song for him now in my head. "An-to-ni-o.... he's a bi-on-ic doooog..."

I also picked up my other new shoes today. I have been looking for a nice pair of tan or camel-colored heels for work for months. Aren't they nice? They are somewhat "springy," and still are technically closed-toed, which is a requirement for work. I can't wait to wear them (although I CAN wait until Monday). Annie - both of these new shoes are Aerosoles, and I bought them online. I don't think I answered you before. Sorry!

Have a good Saturday!


Anonymous jill said...

cute shoes, C. and i'm a fan of the new antonio song... i can imagine exactly how it sounds :)

March 05, 2007 1:00 PM  

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