Saturday, March 03, 2007

Together Again

We had a momentous evening this week - the whole groupie group got together again at Claddagh to watch Wes and Drew play. It had been awhile since all of us were there, so it was a mini-reunion of sorts.

CJ and I met early and had dinner, not knowing that anyone else was planning on coming, but then we started getting texts from Jess and Russ encouraging us to come, and then heard Angie was on the way. It was so great to be all together. With Angie in school, Jess and Russ' businesses taking off, and CJ and I crazy busy with our personal lives... nights like this have been few and far between.

I only took a few photos, and I didn't get Jess at all, but here they are anyway. They are all me and someone else, so I apologize for the repetitive Charissa shots in advance.

Da..... boys. (Drew Yount, left, and Wes McDonough)

Russ and Charissa - showing the love.

Charissa and Angie - always taking pretty pictures together.

This is really my favorite. A typical shot of CJ and Charissa - this girl does not like her picture taken!

I hope we can do this all again soon. I have a Seattle trip, Orlando trip, Florida beach trip (maybe), and a Reno trip coming up within the next three months. I need to make sure to get in that quality groupie group time, that's for sure.


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