Saturday, February 24, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Made Me Cry... Again

Oh boy. I didn't sleep very well last night. My new neighbors seemed to be somewhat delusional thinking that it is okay to do construction at 2 PM. (Don't you worry, I put on my coat and marched next door and set things straight.) So after being rudely awoken, I settled in bed to watch the episode of Grey's Anatomy that I missed on Thursday.

I think I cried the whole hour. Seeing McDreamy and (especially) Christina fall apart left me heart-broken. It was awful. I don't know if this episode was too shocking per se, but it was definitely sad.

First, I just knew they weren't going to kill off Meredith. No way. But I am trying to figure out where the writers are taking the storyline. It seems the guesstimate I made last week was WAY off... because Meredith seemed more healed by her death/near-death experience than changed. I'm not sure if this event alters the storyline any more for me. Instead it's more like closure.

So where to go from here?

Meredith's mom is gone... so that will leave Meredith sad, but okay. It will also effect the Chief, but he has already left his wife and dyed his hair "for the ladies," so it's not like he hadn't moved on years ago. I'm not sure who else it makes an impact on - that seems like it.

- Meredith will likely be comforted/relaxed concerning her relationship with her mother, so naturally, that should leave her more at peace. Maybe she'll reconnect with her dad... maybe that will allow her to get over her "intimacy issues." Either way (provided she has no brain damage and she is still an active medical intern), she's no worse for the wear. (Yes, it's unrealistic, but I don't feel like taking this post in that direction.)

- Derek/McDreamy will be more in love with her than ever, so it seems likely that this event will cement their relationship even more.

- Which leaves the George factor. I guess he has a decision to make, right? Although I struggle with this because Callie truly loves him, and she seems like such a great character - even if she is somewhat abrasive. Okay, okay... her comment to Izzy was incredibly inappropriate and cold, but it's not like Izzy wasn't totally out of line either.

So will George want to leave Callie? Will they get separated? If so, he'll likely move back into the house, which will give us more opportunities for increased tension between either George and Meredith or George and Derek.

So that's where I am. Strange. I loved seeing Denny again... he's just great - dead or alive. I felt good for Izzy that she and Denny have some sort of connection that straddles that line between life and death (whether I believe it in reality or not). And next week's episode seems like life is back to normal... so the effect of this whole incident will likely take weeks to play out. We aren't going to get any immediate satisfaction from this, that's for sure...


Blogger Raquita said...

I think that this will put a dent in Dreamy and Mer, HE KNOWS SHES A GOOD SWIMMER, he knows she gave up. hes not gonna just forget that.

- Callie - I LOVE HER - she is just like so many girls i know right now, and Izzy and Mer are just like so many people we know but aren't friends with - who just magically think they are better. izzy had that shot coming, and shes right (callie), George is sold on the marriage - she thinks its JUST cause he loves her - we know its cause his dad loved her too.
izzie, needs to get her "in my pain I am all self righteous and know everything about every body" bit out of her head. It will cost her more than her friend in the end.

I enjoyed reading your take, when i get some time i am get around to posting mine as well.

Happy Grey-ing

February 24, 2007 7:15 PM  
Blogger cherylann said...

that moment at the end where Izzy stopped in the hallway and they showed Denny standing next to her smiling... yeah, that's the part where I totally lost my sh*t. i heart that damn show! i really wish Denny could come back more often. he was the best!

February 25, 2007 1:20 AM  
Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

2pm? Shouldn't you be upset if they're doing construction at, I dunno, 2am?

February 25, 2007 9:49 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

I am an old chick so I see things differently but sometimes you make choices. You choose you mate over friends and go on. You think you won't but sometimes you have too.
George may have to choose.

I like Callie, she's tough and she loves George those girls should back off. If George needs them then they can come to the rescue.

Addison is going to have her own show - I'm not sure who she will take with her but that is what I heard.

Maybe the actress that played M.G. mom got tired of playing brain dead. God forbid she gets type cast. Wow, that would be a career

The show was interesting for Christina too.

I love the show, fun to watch.

Love ya,


February 26, 2007 8:38 AM  

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