Sunday, June 17, 2007

The "30" Project #7

I'm charitable.

I'm still paying off some old debt (and a new car, and new eyeballs), but I do my best to give back. I've supported the Christian's Children's Fund for over ten years, and I've had my current child, Paris, for about three years. He'll be nine soon. I wish I had a scanner because I'd scan a photo, but instead here's a picture of the next gift package that I am sending to him. The bags contain seashells that I collected in Marco Island in April... I'll explain to him what they are and where I got them in the letter. Although I write him often, I get a letter only once or twice a year - it takes a long time for letters to get to and from Zambia.

I also give blood - which I loathe. I am on the cusp of the weight limit you need to have to donate, and I tend to get sick when I do (dizziness, sweating, chills, nausea), but I think it's important to do it if you are able to. You just never know when you'll need blood. It's a selfless thing to do.

In addition to these things, I donate to the Red Cross and Goodwill as well. I'm usually inspired by an event (tsunami, hurricane, etc.) to do these, but even if you have just have a little to give, I encourage you to do so. Minimally, it's good karma. But beyond that, the payoff is endless...


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