Thursday, August 09, 2007

Reflections on Big Brother 8: Thursday Edition

Oh boy, that Amber... that scene was horrible to watch, wasn't it? I mean, she was right on. There's no doubt about it. Eric talked too much, and it almost cost him the game. I have no idea how he survived... I'm hoping we'll see make up footage or something. It was God awful.

Speaking of awful - or maybe just awkward - what was going on with Evil and Jameka after the HOH competition? Is Evil trying to stir things up so that there will be more targets for nomination? I don't blame him for trying, but Jameka? Seriously? She and Amber are about the most transparent people in the house... they aren't threats (at least not now). Maybe we are at the point in the game where people start nominating 'floaters'... not sure.

So after today's eviction, here are the standings in our Fantasy Big Brother 8 game.

Sandi's Team

Charissa's Team

Richie's Team

Both houseguests in the pool have now been absorbed after two evictions. The next eviction will have a big impact on our Fantasy game, that's for sure. Somehow I think Daniele and Evil are targets... but heck, what do I know?


Anonymous Jessie P. said...

CHARISSA! Do you, by chance, watch Dr. 90210 on Bravo (I think?)? Dr. Will from BB2 (or 3?) is the dermatologist on this newest season! I was watching Top Chef and a preview for the newest season came on showing him... took me a while to place why he looked familiar. Too funny.... Love you!

August 09, 2007 9:28 PM  

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