Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Need Another Day

I didn't intend to go out Saturday night, but I did. I didn't plan to get drunk, but I did that, too. I certainly didn't intend to do shots (thanks, Jaclyn), but I had two. And then I spent today paying for it.

The upside is that I had crazy amounts of fun with these ladies. OMG. Fun. (PS, Nicole. THANK YOU again.)

The downside is that I drove to Delaware this afternoon in a mild haze, ate only a roll, a meatball and three bites of pizza all day, and will probably have a hard time staying asleep tonight because I've messed up my schedule. What a shame.

But I rallied, y'all. Oh yeah. I think I was decent company given my condition, and an hour drive there and another hour back was a bit of a challenge given how I felt. My friend said that a hangover isn't just dehydration, but actually your body going through withdraw. That makes a lot of sense because sometimes water doesn't help. It sucks that we do this to ourselves, though. At least I do it very infrequently.

I was in Delaware today longer than I've ever been in that state - I usually just drive through. Now back to life.


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