Friday, March 14, 2008

Movie Reviews on a Random Friday

So I stayed in tonight watching movies. I didn't watch all of these tonight, but I've watched enough lately that it's time for some movie reviews. Tomorrow I am getting up way too early and working at the DC (it's confusing, but it's a different job and it's on the weekends, so it's not the same as the one I'm not allowed to do anymore). Anyway, I'm heading to bed soon, so I thought I'd get these all of this down before hitting the sack. So here we go...

Reign Over Me
Well, the obvious first thing to say about this movie is that it's not as funny as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, I knew it was a serious movie, but somehow I thought there would be a least a few laugh-until-you-cry moments. Not so much. Beautiful acting... really. I was as impressed with Adam Sandler in this movie as I was with Jim Carey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (one of my top movies ever). You should watch it.

Three stars because I liked it.

The Guardian
This movie did, in fact, make me cry, damn it. I spent most of the movie taking deep breaths and yawning, reminding my sort-of-afraid-of-drowning self that I was indeed on a couch and under a blanket, and not in freezing water and gasping for air. There were a few lines of dialogue that were expected and kind of cliche, but for the most part it was quite good. I still think Ashton Kutcher is a bit of a punk, but Kevin Costner was more believable than I think he is in most of his movies. Again on this one... a good movie.

Four stars because I really liked it.

Meet the Robinsons
Awww... now this was cute. The "booger" kid (NOT the adult version) sort of reminded me of my nephew, which was endearing, but both the story and characters were just plain entertaining. Way more appropriate for kids than most animated movies, and the whole movie ended with a quote from Walt Disney... which was, yes... inspiring. I recommend this if you're looking for the movie for the kids/nieces/nephews, etc. A great story.

Three stars because I liked it.

Jesus. Great movie. This probably wasn't the best movie to watch before bed because I'll be a bit fearful of my dreams after this... but fabulous. Premonition is a drama, I suppose, but it's a bit of a psychological thriller as well. It's a movie of overlapping timelines, so you're not sure whether you are seeing the before or the after of specific event. Sandra Bullock does a great job in this movie because she's as likable as she usually is (with exception to the scene where she looks up at her mother), but her acting is quite a few steps above her norm. Maybe not the equivalent to Sandler in Reign Over Me or Carey in Sunshine, but different and good. This is a MUST if you like a little psychology in your films. Really intriguing.

Fours stars here, because I really liked it.

So there you are. Go forth, watch movies, and enjoy. ;)


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