Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm A Winner

So, you know what? I'm gonna throw out a big "SO WHAT" if you say I'm a nerd because I played computer games this weekend. I was PRODUCTIVE. The game of choice this weekend was SimSocieties, and I played both a Contemplative Society (my fav) as well as an Industrial Society. I had a far more difficult time with the Industrial Society because it was dirty with lots of crime and overall, just yucky.

But at least I have something to show for it all. (Right?) Below are the medals/awards I won this weekend. There are far more to earn than golds in each category... there are "benchmark" goals to earn blue ribbons towards each city type.

*Sigh* Work should be easy compared to all of this, right?

Bronze Medal - Prosperity
Bronze Medal - Creativity
Bronze Medal - Authority
Bronze Medal - Knowledge

Silver Medal - Productivity
Silver Medal - Population

Gold Medal - Spirituality
Gold Medal - Happiness
Gold Medal - Treasury

Sheriff Trophy
Guru Trophy


Blogger cherylann said...

I've always wanted to play the Sims games, but my husband thinks I would get bored... what do you think?

March 03, 2008 11:17 AM  

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