Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've Created a Monster

I laid out a bit today around 11 AM, and decided I'd let Elliott lay on the deck while I read. Bad idea... I know. Because I turned around after 5 minutes, and Elliott had escaped to the next door balcony and was considering the balcony two rowhouses over. OMG. I waved at Elliott (that's his name in sign language), and he came towards me, but I had no idea how I was going to get to him. My arms are nowhere near long enough.

Just as I started freaking, my next door neighbor let her dogs out below the balcony, so I yelled for her. She came out, saw my predicament, and immediately ran upstairs to save Elliott. Of course, Elliott had no idea he needed saving. My neighbor cuddled him and handed him over to me safely, but lesson learned - no more cat time outside.

For the record, Elliott has done well outside before. When I lived in a rowhouse with ten foot walls around the patio, he laid out on the patio in the sun, but had no way out. It was impenetrable. Once while living in Canton, I put him on a leash with me on the roof deck, and he managed to squeeze between the spindles and nearly hang himself. He's clueless, and it's so unfortunate because he loves being outside so much.

So why the monster? Elliott has been meowing at the back window and back door for thirty minutes. Now I'm worried he'll make a run for it. Damn cat.


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