Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Fasting - done
Working through the morning - done
Endoscopy - done
Eating - done
Sleeping - done
Yoga - done

I had my endoscopy today - no complications. The diagnosis is gastritis - inflammation of the stomach lining - likely caused by stress, too many pain relievers and caffeine (in the Excedrin, mostly), as I assumed. I asked the doctor if I should restrict my diet in any way and all she said was, "no more Excedrin." Got it. They took two biopsies of the inflammation to test and, I've been put on Zantac to treat the gastritis so it can heal.

So CJ picked me up, took me through the McDonald's drive-thru (I was so hungry), and I was asleep by 3:30 PM. I think I slept until about 6 PM, and woke feeling a bit nauseous, more groggy than I had been earlier, and my arm aches at the IV site a bit.

Annie and I have committed to doing Pilates at least twice a week (separately, but the encouragement helps), so I hope it's okay that I did a 20 minute yoga routine today instead. It hurt my arm with some of the stretches, but I need to do something and that's all the energy I could muster. I hope that counts. :)

Back to the couch...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Girl with the Yoga!! It happens that I did Yoga today instead of the pilates...It was the AM Yoga...and I plan on doing the PM tonight...So, or the other sounds great! So we are each down one for the week! I am proud of you. Glad you made it through the endoscopy today with "not so bad" results, that can be fixed...I think you are going to Ohio for the concert either today or have a great time!

October 02, 2008 8:51 AM  
Anonymous jill said...

Have fun seeing NKOTB (can't believe you'll be THAT close to them)! I know I mentioned Jackie Warner's workouts on ExerciseTV, but you should also check out the yoga section (if you haven't already). Wii Fit has a cool yoga program, too... you should come over and play!

October 02, 2008 1:37 PM  

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