Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12th, 2006

I had one of those run-down days today. After the 3 miler yesterday, I crashed for a few hours during the day which made it difficult to get to sleep last night. So I woke up tired, and it was raining to boot. My least favorite person got to me first thing at work, and I'm not sure I ever recovered from those first few hours.

I've had a lot of random thoughts running through my head recently, which has been mentally exhausting. Mostly questions, and some personal analysis. At work today, I was able to get a lot done, but I don't really feel on top of my game right now. I have a sneaking suspicion that the wearing glasses thing is getting to me again, and it tends to drain my self-confidence. So all-in-all, not one of my best days. I crave a shopping spree to make myself feel better, but I'll have to settle for having my hair done next Tuesday. :)

I came home and walked about 3.5 miles - taking a completely different route than usual. I paid homage to my Midwestern upbringing and said hi to every little old lady that I saw sitting on her front stoop. My mom has always been right about making this small effort... it's obvious to see how much a smile or 'hello' means to older people. Their reactions are priceless.

There is a small group of three or four older ladies that sit in front of their houses every evening on my route. Sometimes they are just talking or knitting, and when it's sprinkling they move their folding chairs under one of the large trees on their block. For the first few weeks, I couldn't get eye contact with any of them. I didn't think too much of it, after all, they are busy with each other and I'm walking with my iPod, so I can't hear them anyway. But within the last few weeks, one of the ladies started nodding to me, and a few days ago she smiled as I walked by. I really can't tell you what this meant to me. It felt like such an accomplishment, like that scene from 'Under the Tuscan Sun' where the older gentleman finally tips his hat at Frances. It was that kind of triumph.

So "tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it." (Movie, anyone? Marie?) At least no mistakes in it yet. Here's to a better tomorrow. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good days, bad days, and many in between - but the thing that stands out in your post is that you find the small enjoyments in life to savor on those days you wish were better :-)


June 13, 2006 1:25 PM  

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