Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The title of today's blog is "Tue-Z-day" for Z. This lady rocks!! This is a photo of Richie (left) and Z (dead center). Today was so much fun. Me, Jill, Z, Richie, John, Scott, Todd and Donny flocked to Bayou for happy hour today. It was absolutely gorgeous out!! I had a delicious chicken sandwich and a few delicious beers in 70 or 80 something degree heat.

During our entertaining conversation, Shaunna Bolton, one of my favorite local singer/songwriters, started playing in the bar, so we all packed up and headed to the bar for a few songs. I requested Em's song, "I don't need you," and made a bit of a fool of myself lip singing and dancing to it all by myself.

The evening soon drew to a close though, and I headed home to pack for a quick work trip to Dallas. Work trips are SO overrated. I'll be reporting live tomorrow from Dallas, Texas. Wish me luck.


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