Monday, July 10, 2006


(Funny advertisement that Heather gave me after work. It seemed strangely appropriate after the day I had.)

What a birthday. Twenty minutes after I came into work, I was asked to participate in a conference call where I was assigned a project that could easily take me a full week to complete. Unfortunately for everyone involved, I have another important project due Friday, and I am out of the office Wednesday and Thursday for my final eye surgery. Here's the funny part: I'm the only one who can really do it.

God bless Jill, because she'll be helping me out on a few parts, but the problem isn't that it's a hard project, it's just that most of the project is manual labor... looking up data from other reports and plugging it in, one piece at a time. I just happen to know where all of those pieces of information are located.

So here I sit, trying to decide if I am going to go jogging or not. A small rain shower just went through, and although it might be over, there's potential for another scattered storm. Wouldn't that be just my luck? I am tired and frustrated, and I have zero motivation (even though I brought home some of the "regular" work that I would normally be completing during an average week).

Hopefully I'll have happier thoughts for you later tonight...


Blogger Marie said...

sorry for the stress, but just think, soon you will be able to see your projects more clearly :)

July 10, 2006 8:17 PM  

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