Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Charissa Sleep Test #3

It was a long day today. I finally left work at 7 PM and didn't get to any of my errands, but still made it to Walgreens to buy Calms Forte (Jessie's recommendation) for tonight. Of course, I'm still missing a cocktail dress for the company party on Saturday, but whatever.

Yes, JJT... my mind is definitely racing. I have a lot of stress and anxiety at the new job, although it's not worried anxiety, just the I-want-to-kick-arse anxiety. I'm usually tired enough to fall asleep, but not always... it's the constant waking that is driving me buggy. I've always described myself as a bit of a three year old when it comes to going to bed. No matter how much I know I need the sleep, I always feel like I'm missing something if I give in. I just hate going to bed. But the one thing I hate more than going to bed is getting up. I seriously can't recall the last time I woke up and felt rested.

Thanks to you all for kind notes. I really hope that I can find a resolution, even if it's short term. Cassie, I'll be home the weekend right before Christmas, so provided these next few days don't show any results, I may ask you to talk to your hypnotist neighbor for me. (You know what? Can you see if s/he can stop my nail biting? If so, I might go ahead and make that appointment.) Lisa, acupuncture for sleep apnea? Really? I never would have guessed that. Why did you get it done? Anonymous... I know. I am due for a physical anyway, but that will likely have to wait until after the holidays. It can't hurt to have my thyroid checked, I guess. It looks like I have many of the symptoms anyway (minus the skinny). :)

Well, I haven't decided if I am going to see the boys tonight or not. The smart woman in me is screaming at the stupid woman in me to stay home. But I haven't seen the boys in exactly, what, three days? Haha. I'm a groopie, I know. But at least I'm not a droolie.

Tonight will be a combination of DreamScape Tea, Calms Forte, and fluteboy (AKA Carlos Nakai). Maybe that will be the key mix. Although if I go out to watch the boys, the tea will likely be replaced with beers, so I'll have to let you know in the morning what the final combination was and if it worked.


Anonymous Jason J. Thomas said...

I had a feeling that your thoughtfulness is not bad, but just the racing mind that comes with a new job. Thinking about what you need to do at the office tomorrow, things that need to get done, better ways to do things, etc.

I understand it, though. I have a tendency to continue to ponder what I need to do the next day, then I sit there pondering it while trying to go to bed. I have actually made a conscious effort not to think when going to bed, even catching myself at times.

December 06, 2006 9:07 AM  
Blogger Cassie Jebber said...

Rissa, One of my friends was going to tey and use him for thumb sucking so I am sure nail biting will work too, Just let me know and I'll talk to him. He too is Italian! Maybe he knows your family. He grew up in the Falls. Email me if you want more info and I can get his pricing. So glad you slept better

December 06, 2006 10:05 AM  

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