Monday, January 01, 2007

December Memories

While I wait for Angie to upload photos and videos from last night, it's time to play some catch up. Here are some photos the I failed to upload this month... I couldn't help it - I was BUSY!

When Angie and I went Christmas shopping, we stopped by Sharper Image and found this vibrating chair. It's pretty cool because you work your abs and thighs just sitting on it. Of course, I just couldn't resist...

... THIS! I really couldn't help myself. You should've seen the dirty look I got from a 20-something walking by. Some people have no sense of humor.

Here's Angie on the vibrating chair. She stayed on a long time, completely impressing the cute sales guy that was stalking us.

These are the magnets we bought each other for Christmas. Green is Angie's, Blue is mine (shocker), Pink is Angie's and Black is Donna's. (In case you can't read it, mine says, "Hating you makes me all warm inside." haha.)

The boys posing with shirts Angie and I bought for them. They are so dang perfect.

AHHHHH... boy love. How cute are they?

Here's a photo of Drew singing at Jess & Russ' party.

Wes crooning for us at the same party. I can't tell you how cool private parties are!

A photo of Russ & Jess. They are the BEST!

Lastly, here's a glamor shot of me, courtesy of Angie's photoshop skillz.


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