Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Cat, a Dog, and a Bag of Poop

And so my day began. Antonio had a vet appointment this morning for his annual wellness exam, including a rabies vaccine and bordetella. It occurred to me sometime yesterday that it might be a good idea to get Elliott's next blood test done at the same time - it saves me a trip and an appointment. So I called the vet and they fit him in, and this morning at 9:30 AM I left my apartment with a cat in a crate, a dog on a leash, and poop in a bag and headed for our vet's office.

All-in-all, it was a fair visit if you think a hissing cat, a panicked dog and poop qualifies as "fun." Elliott was angry from the moment we arrived, and he didn't stop hissing and growling until we returned to the car 90 minutes later. Strangely, Antonio freaked out a lot more than usual, maybe because he was feeding off of Elliott's anger? I don't know. He completely panicked for his shots, so I had to body lock him to keep him still. Luckily out of the three things I brought to the vet, the poop was the most uninteresting. Gladly.

So the result? Antonio is overweight. I knew this, but we don't get to take walks at all in the winter, so some careful attention to feeding and getting out of the house should help to resolve this in a few months. And Elliott... Elliott is nearly 8 lbs (up from 6 lbs 7 oz or so) which is good news. On the flip side, he now has a heart murmur. The vet said "2 to 3 of 6," which must be some level of intensity as far as I can tell. She called it "significant," but she doesn't want to act on it quite yet. She wants to see him in about 2-3 months for a check-up.

So both animals are healthy and up-to-date on their shots. Antonio needs to lose weight, and Elliott needs to gain some more. Elliott has a heart murmur - oh! And I get his blood test results on Monday, so I'll know more about the status of his hyperthyroidism then.

No wonder I need a nap.


Anonymous Maggie said...

I'm curious, why can't Antonio take walks in the winter? If it's because of the cold, have you tried those little paw booties? My dog (a beagle) is a complete wuss when it comes to the cold. We got him a pair of booties and now he walks in the snow without caring. Just a thought...

Sorry to hear about Elliot's hyperthyroidism. What can they do to treat that?

March 25, 2008 3:25 PM  

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