Sunday, May 04, 2008

Calista's Big Night

Wow. Calista was amazing last night. Yesterday the whole family went to Weathervane Playhouse to see The Tale of the Three Little Pigs, where my niece, Calista, had a starring role. (This is her with the flowers I bought for her.) She was the youngest (and smallest) of the three pigs, and because most of the other actors were teenagers and adults, she really stood out. Her character's name was Ima Hogg - the pig who builds her house of sticks, and Calista had a ton of lines! Calista and I decided that our favorite song from the play is "Think Big" - go figure.

I think she froze a little when she first walked out on stage and saw the audience. I locked eyes with her immediately, and you could tell that she was a little caught off guard by the amount of people, but after a few seconds (and a nudge) she settled right into her lines. She was really fantastic... especially for a kid who has never done a real play before. She's a natural.

I snapped some photos after the play ended, but even after looking at them today, it's just not the same as seeing her that night. Calista is adorable, and I am just so impressed with how grown up she is becoming.

This is her stage photo. She is definitely laughing here. :)
Here she is in her costume. Isn't that pig nose huge?

Me and Ima Hogg. (I'm so freaking proud.)

Calista's first autograph.

Calista and her Aunt Rissa. In the first one I'm wearing her coat. In the second one she's wearing it, but sportin' some major girl attitude.

Today our immediate family came over for lunch/dinner. It was so great to see everyone. The kids are growing up so fast these days - each time I see them they have changed so much. But they are glorious children. They really are. What a great family I've got.


Blogger Missy B said...

How absolutely adorable. It must have been so amazing to see her on the same stage you loved so much. Congrats to Calista on her big debut.

May 05, 2008 1:43 PM  

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