Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Brother 12 (BB12) Thoughts To Date

Um... okay. I didn't see the Annie thing coming (CA, I know you asked, and I thought it might be Britney), but already CBS has managed to launch something that COULD be cool, and end it - all in one week. The tag line for the season is "The Summer of Sabotage," so now that the saboteur has been voted off after only 4 shows, goodness knows that CBS must be hard at work trying to write in other ways to leverage this theme. I really, really love this show... but for some unknown reason it's already irking me this year.

You know what really bugs me about Big Brother casts? Alliances that think they're "the best alliance" in BB history when we've just barely started the season. I swear this happens every year. There will never be another "Four Horsemen" or "Chilltown," and by even stating that you think you are means that the end is in sight for these fools. I bet $5 that Enzo had the name "The Brigade" picked out before he even stepped foot on the set. My favorite alliance is still Jason and Danielle from season 3. What can I say? I'm old school.

Take note: I think that Brendon and Rachel are going to put up either Hayden and Matt or Hayden and Enzo. Why? Because Brendon's no dummy, and he needs to use Rachel to take out his physical competition. Rachel probably won't make it to the end because the couple has the 'Jeff and Jordan' mark on them, but Brendon has the potential to go far if he can break up the boysome early.

So... what else is there to say? I'm going to miss most of BB12 this week while I trek to Indy for my first ever NASCAR experience, so I'll have to get caught up next Sunday/Monday and chime in then. The highlight of the season so far for me was watching Kristen during the live vote. Why, you ask? Because I already forgot about her completely. It was like the first episode all over again... "Look! A new player!"


Thursday, July 08, 2010

BB12: Episode 1

And so Season 12 of Big Brother begins, and I completely forgot about it. Luckily I was cruising the Comcast guide for something interesting, and there it was: Big Brother Season 12. Sweet.

But here's the thing: So far, no one is really catching my eye. There are some pseudo-interesting folks for sure, but no tattoo-covered punks, pair of middle-aged player outcasts, or token nerdy female like in seasons past. I give CBS a little credit, though, for the token African-American, token gay, and a (surprise!) Jewish cast member - yarmulke and all - but I gotta say that at least from first glance, the cast looks pretty bland. In fact, you know what they look like? They look like the cast of Real World! (And we don't really need another Real World, do we?)

So Episode 1 (at least for me) was a let down. Sure, it's interesting that there's a saboteur, but he or she hasn't done much yet, so that's not too exciting; and besides, what's with the creepy saboteur videos? Is that really necessary?

My highlight of the week? "I lost my dignity on a slippery wiener," said Britney. Priceless.