Monday, June 30, 2008

Reader Contest: Short Jokes

Working again at the DC tonight I was reminded about this moment of irritability I had a few months back. Oh, the memories... the bars, the boys, but I especially miss my social life. I think I had one once. :)

I'm thinking I should have a contest for the most clever short joke you can come up with. (Yes, Joe... I expect you to contribute.) What do you say? Think about it. Mull it over. Can you come up with anything clever? Anything better than, "wow. you're short." Or, "are you even tall enough to ride roller coasters?" Or better yet, "do you have to sit on a phone book to drive a car?" The prize will be... well, hell... maybe I'll have a contest for that, too. For now your reward will be pride - pride that you've come up with a short joke that I actually think is funny.

So what are you waiting for?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Weekend?

I'm working at our distribution center all weekend - supporting the company with a number of large and important projects that we've won this year. Today I started working at 7 AM, worked until almost 3:30 PM, had a few post-work beers and came home and crashed. I've showered and eaten, but other than that I'm pretty useless. Antonio, Elliott and I are slumming on the couch, and even now I'm fighting sleep.

Tomorrow we start an hour later at 8 AM and work until 4:30 PM. I know... my weekend is pretty blown, so this upcoming week is going to be rough. And because I think we still have a lot to ship this week, I'll probably pick up some evening hours on Monday or Tuesday.

There's no choice but to be grateful, though. With the economy being what it is, we're still doing fairly well, and we're growing in many ways. It's exciting to be a part of an organization that blazes its own trails, rather than follows economic trends. So although I've been working a lot lately, I'm enjoying the excitement. Now if I could just remember to get proper rest, I'll be all set...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Weeks

I'm going to be 31 in two weeks. Yeppers. 31. 31. 31.

I'm not overly stressed about it - not like I was for my birthday last year - but I am definitely curious if my general feeling of "ugh" has something to do with the birthday. Cassie thinks these things might be related, and she's pretty smart.

It's funny, though, because I'm really in a much better place than I was last year. I've resolved a lot of issues that had been holding me back, and today I'm even more comfortable with myself and who I've become. For instance, yes, 5 lbs would be great to lose (again), but why give up my nachos? :) Life is too short. I choose love handles!

So the big 3-1 is looming before me, gasoline is $3.99 a gallon, California is ablaze, and it seriously won't stop raining in China. End of days? Quite possibly.

I Heart Boats

I'm tired. And I love N. That's all I have to say.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friggin' Helluva Day

There are always a few days throughout the year that are unlucky. January, in general, is my unlucky month... followed by March. And today, well, today wasn't the good by a long shot.

For me it started off stressful because I have run out of Elliott's medicine and need more. The vet told me that Elliott was due for (yet another) blood test, and I had to explain that I didn't have $100 right now for an exam and blood test and medication, so they would have to decide whether or not to write me a prescription or not. Yeah... that was fun. There's nothing like looking like an asshole owner with no feelings. But really... another bloodtest? Elliott has had more blood tests in six months than I have in six years. Anyway...

On the way to work I also realized that I never completed that repair order issued to me back in May for a broken tag light, and after realizing that I am now just over the 30 day limit, I decided to handle it today and try to avoid any fees or penalties, if possible.

So I arrived at work and the morning went by quickly. I've been slowly gathering everything required for a passport application for a few weeks now, and this week I'd decided that I'd turn in all of the paperwork today at lunch and just get it done. Well, it took a good 90 minutes. Yep, 90 minutes. So I was completely rushing back to the office after that, and quickly learned upon returning from the post office that one of my good friends got sick during lunch. Of course I hurried upstairs to check on her as soon as I got back, and with her (potentially) feeling better after awhile, I went back downstairs to work where a number of things went wrong, awry, and askew. I finally left work at 6:45, only deciding on the way home that yes, I still had to handle this repair order problem, and detoured towards the auto parts store.

The first store closed at 5:30 PM. The second store was open, and (without help, I might add) I found the correct bulb which cost a mere $3.90 a pack. I headed home, arriving well after 7:30, changed to jeans, grabbed tools, and let out Antonio. The first two screwdrivers didn't work on the screws holding in the tail light. In fact, it took a third screwdriver and a pair of pliers to remove those evil screws, and then a lot of crafty, dirty maneuvering to get to the bulb. Overall, I'd say the whole process took about 45 minutes. What a pain in the ass.

After heading inside, I looked up repair orders on the Maryland Gov website and realized that I actually might be in worse shape than I thought. Apparently I had ten days to fix the bulb and 30 days to send in the form, so now I'm not only late but I'm really, really late. In addition, the web site said that if I failed to mail the form within 30 days, a letter would be mailed informing me of suspended registration. (Gulp.)

I called the local district police - because the web site said that either a repair center or police officer could sign a corrected repair order - and no one was there except the dispatcher. Knowing that the SE district police are always at the Royal Farms in Brewer's Hill, I took off in my car to track them down - along with two movies that I forgot I'd promised to returned to Blockbuster.

So I drove by Royal Farms and no one was there. That was okay, since I still had to go to Blockbuster, so I drove to Blockbuster where, upon arrival, realized that one DVD was still in my DVD player at home. (AH!) I dropped off one movie, turned around, drove past Royal Farms again (no cops), and headed home for the DVD. I grabbed the DVD, drove past Royal Farms for the third time (no cops), drove to Blockbuster, dropped off the second movie, and drove past the Royal Farms again (no cops).

I finally gave up. There's nothing more I could have accomplished tonight, but now I know I'll sleep horribly because I'll dream all night long that I'm going to jail. (My Good Girl complex is responsible for that, thanks.) To top it all off, my girlfriend? The one that was sick? (I won't name names unless she wants to call herself out), her dad lost one of his dogs today. I mean, WHAT THE HELL? WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS DAY??

I'm taking two Advil PMs and going to bed. This day really can't be over fast enough.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ragtime! Go Mom!!

My mom has recently completed one of the biggest projects she has every undertaken - the props master/designer/head honcho - for Ragtime! at Weathervane Playhouse - and she did amazingly well. Not only was the play a hit (see review below), but she did an incredible job. Everyone she spoke to was surprised that this was only her first time as property master because she did such an incredible job. So congratulations, mom! I'm so, so, so proud of you!

Weathervane's 'Ragtime' a winner
Appealing score, vocal standouts enrich production depicting social upheaval
By Elaine Guregian
Beacon Journal arts and culture writer
Published on Sunday, Jun 08, 2008

Weathervane Community Playhouse's new production of "Ragtime, the Musical" exemplifies what community theater can be at its best. At opening night on Friday, the big (36-person) cast grabbed hold of the material and made a palpable connection with the audience.

The book, created by Terrence McNally, is an adaptation of E.L. Doctorow's 1975 novel. A compelling tale, it weaves together the lives of a prosperous white suburban New York City couple, an African-American couple from Harlem and father-and-daughter Jewish immigrants. Cameos by famous figures of the pre-World War I era, such as Booker T. Washington, Harry Houdini and Emma Goldman, add historic texture to the story.

The term ''epic'' truly applies, and yet the story zipped by on Friday, propelled by director Terry Burgler's clear vision and his focused, energetic cast.

The appealing ragtime score (music by Stephen Flaherty and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens) holds the show's center. Musical director John Ebner sat at an electronic keyboard at stage right, alongside a woodwind player (Sarah Korb). Across the stage, pianist Jordan Cooper played an upright piano and Mike Forfia played standup bass. For the main character of Coalhouse Walker Jr., a black ragtime pianist whose idealism brings down his own life and others around him, a concert grand is wheeled on and off-stage.

Carrying through the music theme, some players produce instruments and play them in ensemble scenes. It's a cute idea that would be more effective if only the most proficient musicians actually played. Hearing these less-than-able performances (however brief) was a rare reminder on Friday that this was an Akron community event, not professional theater.

Semblances of city bridges span the stage to create a New York setting. Dark risers allow the performers to pop up at various levels onstage, and when the whole ensemble faces forward to sing, it makes an impact. Who will forget the sight of this crowd at a baseball game, punctuating screams for the team with syncopated spitting? The scenic design by Alan Scott Ferrall, properties design by Pamela Parks Costa, mood-enhancing lighting by Buddy Taylor, sound design by Dan Jankura and attractive period costumes by Marti Coles all work in sync with Burgler's direction.

Stephanie Newport (Mother), new to Weathervane, made a terrific debut with her luxurious voice. Subtly, Newport let you see her growing disgust with her closed-minded husband (Father, played with stern confidence by Russ Harris), who sees blacks as other and lesser.

As The Son, Brandon Kline had the reined-in bearing of a well-brought-up child at the turn of the 20th century. Jason Leupold's silky singing voice enhanced his portrayal of Mother's Younger Brother.

Speaking of voices, Natasha R. Williams' sultry performance made her a vocal standout as Sarah. As Coalhouse Walker Jr., the father of Sarah's illegitimate baby, Tom C. Barnes brought conviction to the role of an African-American who longs to be treated with dignity.

One of the most touching portrayals was by Greg Emanuelson as Tateh, the Jewish immigrant who works tirelessly to support his little girl (sweetly played by Shea Lee).

Doctorow's story of social upheaval is lightened with humor. Rachel Fichter was a delight (''Whee!'' as she would say) as Evelyn Nesbit, the real-life chorus girl who was a mistress to architect Stanford White. Both moving and entertaining, Weathervane's "Ragtime" is a winner.

Elaine Guregian is the Beacon Journal's music critic. She can be reached at 330-996-3574 or .

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Sunday 'To Dos'

CJ and I took her friend, Doris, out to lunch today. She is such a great woman. She's elderly but sharp as a whip, and attempts to keep CJ in line as much as I do. :) (Love you!!) Doris had frog legs for lunch - no joke, check out the pic - and I just about freaked out. She says they taste like "wet chicken," but I couldn't stomach it. But it was a great day - especially with me missing my family so much.

Today is another "put my life in order" day, and with it, I will create a 'to do' list like none other. I have a lot to do. I feel stressed and vulnerable. So... I clean.

1. Take out trash - done
2. Clean cat box - done
3. Put away laundry - done
4. Vacuum - done
5. Dust - done
6. Grocery shopping - done yesterday
7. Organize jewelry (it's everywhere) - done
8. Iron clothes for the week - done
9. Empty dishwasher - done
10. Fill dishwasher - done
11. Clean bathroom - done
12. Hang wind thingy on deck - done (see picture!)
13. Water dying plants - done
14. Water plants again later - done
15. Brush cat - done
16. Trim Antonio's nails - done
17. Watch more Arrested Development - done!! Two seasons down!
18. Clean windows - done
19. Swiffer/Clean kitchen/bathroom floors - done
20. Call WaMu and request credit card AGAIN
21. Cook for lunches - done (I made my first ever black bean quesadilla!! YUMMY!)
22. Make a batch of iced tea - done
23. Run another load of laundry - done
24. Wash Pampered Chef stuff - done
25. Prep cards to grandma/brother-in-law/Doris - done
26. Thaw roast for Wednesday cooking - in progress
27. Catch up on Google Reader - done

I'm sure there will be more as I get started...

"Is everything spinning out of control?"

I couldn't have said it any better...

Is everything spinning out of control?
Can-do, bootstrap approach embedded in American psyche is under assault

updated 7:34 a.m. ET, Sun., June. 22, 2008

WASHINGTON - Is everything spinning out of control? Midwestern levees are bursting. Polar bears are adrift. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Home values are abysmal. Air fares, college tuition and health care border on unaffordable. Wars without end rage in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorism.

Horatio Alger, twist in your grave.

The can-do, bootstrap approach embedded in the American psyche is under assault. Eroding it is a dour powerlessness that is chipping away at the country's sturdy conviction that destiny can be commanded with sheer courage and perseverance.

The sense of helplessness is even reflected in this year's presidential election. Each contender offers a sense of order — and hope. Republican John McCain promises an experienced hand in a frightening time. Democrat Barack Obama promises bright and shiny change, and his large crowds believe his exhortation, "Yes, we can."

Onslaught of dispiriting thingsEven so, a battered public seems discouraged by the onslaught of dispiriting things. An Associated Press-Ipsos poll says a barrel-scraping 17 percent of people surveyed believe the country is moving in the right direction. That is the lowest reading since the survey began in 2003.

An ABC News-Washington Post survey put that figure at 14 percent, tying the low in more than three decades of taking soundings on the national mood.

"It is pretty scary," said Charles Truxal, 64, a retired corporate manager in Rochester, Minn. "People are thinking things are going to get better, and they haven't been. And then you go hide in your basement because tornadoes are coming through. If you think about things, you have very little power to make it change."

Recent natural disasters around the world dwarf anything afflicting the U.S. Consider that more than 69,000 people died in the China earthquake, and that 78,000 were killed and 56,000 missing from the Myanmar cyclone.

Americans need do no more than check the weather, look in their wallets or turn on the news for their daily reality check on a world gone haywire.

Floods engulf Midwestern river towns. Is it global warming, the gradual degradation of a planet's weather that man seems powerless to stop or just a freakish late-spring deluge?

It hardly matters to those in the path. Just ask the people of New Orleans who survived Hurricane Katrina. They are living in a city where, 1,000 days after the storm, entire neighborhoods remain abandoned, a national embarrassment that evokes disbelief from visitors.

Food is becoming scarcer and more expensive on a worldwide scale, due to increased consumption in growing countries such as China and India and rising fuel costs. That can-do solution to energy needs — turning corn into fuel — is sapping fields of plenty once devoted to crops that people need to eat. Shortages have sparked riots. In the U.S., rice prices tripled and some stores rationed the staple.

Residents of the nation's capital and its suburbs repeatedly lose power for extended periods as mere thunderstorms rumble through. In California, leaders warn people to use less water in the unrelenting drought.

Want to get away from it all? The weak U.S. dollar makes travel abroad forbiddingly expensive. To add insult to injury, some airlines now charge to check luggage.

Want to escape on the couch? A writers' strike halted favorite TV shows for half a season. The newspaper on the table may soon be a relic of the Internet age. Just as video stores are falling by the wayside as people get their movies online or in the mail.

But there's always sports, right?But there's always sports, right? The moorings seem to be coming loose here, too.

Baseball stars Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens stand accused of enhancing their heroics with drugs. Basketball referees are suspected of cheating.

Stay tuned for less than pristine tales from the drug-addled Tour de France and who knows what from the Summer Olympics.

It's not the first time Americans have felt a loss of control.

Alger, the dime-novel author whose heroes overcame adversity to gain riches and fame, played to similar anxieties when the U.S. was becoming an industrial society in the late 1800s.

American University historian Allan J. Lichtman notes that the U.S. has endured comparable periods and worse, including the economic stagflation (stagnant growth combined with inflation) and Iran hostage crisis of 1980; the dawn of the Cold War, the Korean War and the hysterical hunts for domestic Communists in the late 1940s and early 1950s; and the Depression of the 1930s.

"All those periods were followed by much more optimistic periods in which the American people had their confidence restored," he said. "Of course, that doesn't mean it will happen again."
Each period also was followed by a change in the party controlling the White House.

This period has seen intense interest in the presidential primaries, especially the Democrats' five-month duel between Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Records were shattered by voters showing up at polling places, yearning for a voice in who will next guide the country as it confronts the uncontrollable.

Never mind that their views of their current leaders are near rock bottom, reflecting a frustration with Washington's inability to solve anything. President Bush barely gets the approval of three in 10 people, and it's even worse for the Democratic-led Congress.

Why the vulnerability? After all, this is the 21st century, not a more primitive past when little in life was assured. Surely people know how to fix problems now.

Maybe. And maybe this is what the 21st century will be about — a great unraveling of some things long taken for granted.

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press.

1:30 AM Update

My brother in law is okay. After a number of tests, they found nothing terribly significant and believe the worst damage is tissue damage. He did have what we believe to be a seizure this morning... but because he didn't hit his head when he fell I guess they're not overly concerned about that. Weird. I do know that a surprising number of people have at least one seizure in their lives with no apparent cause. Maybe they're just assuming it's stress (?), but I'll be sure to give my sister and brother in law a call tomorrow to check in and see how he is doing. For now I think everything has turned out better than expected, and I am so relieved.

Tonight some blogger folks gathered to BBQ and Guitar Hero/Rockband. I am happy to say that I was able to eat ribs and enjoy them... which is a real feat because the last time I ate ribs I got about halfway into my portion before I had to stop because I over thought what it was exactly that I was eating. I think earlier tonight I said it had been ten years since I'd eaten ribs, but realistically, it has probably been five years or so. I tend to get creeped out when I eat food that so obviously looks like where it came from. But tonight... I overcame. :) Ribs are yummy.

Okay, I'm off to bed. I've been drinking non-Coronas for a few hours (does it really matter what they were if they weren't Coronas?), and I'm sleepy. Thanks, J for the ride. Thanks ACWs for the BBQ. Hugs and goodnight.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking For Something

Argh. I'm okay. It's just that I kind of feel like I'm spinning lately. Work is so busy, and I'm great at throwing myself into it which can be exhausting and somewhat disorienting. And then on top of that, my grandmother fell and broke her pelvic bone and this morning I found out that my brother-in-law fell last night and went to the hospital today. He's "fine" - alert and such - but they're running tests. I'm just stressed... but not in a normal way.

On top of that, I've been having very vivid dreams for the last month or so and a lot of people from my past are in them. Some people from years back, others more recent... but that's a little confusing too because I'm not sure what they mean. Is it just my brain reminiscing? Or is there something my subconscious is trying to tell me? I just don't know.

So am I depressed or anything? No. I'm just off right now. I'm off and I'm looking for something to ground me, and that's not an easy task. I hate using the word because it sounds so much more drastic than how I mean it, but I'm looking for safe. I love my friends, but there's that part of me that not many people see, and that's the part who is searching for safe. I'm just not sure how to get it for her.

Does that make sense?

Friday, June 20, 2008

My "Me" Song

I found my "me" song. I feel lost... and I'm not sure what to do about that.

Hello I’m looking for a friend I lost some time ago
Your mother says she wants her girl back home
Sometimes you think you find yourself
You really only lost yourself
Or maybe you’re afraid to be alone

But if I could see behind blue eyes
And all the things that dusty windows tried to hide
Then I could see behind the walls of Caroline
Behind blue eyes

I heard that you’re in town again
You surely can depend on me
To keep you out of the sun
Down and out and out and then I’m climbing up the walls again
We’re standing in line to be the one

But if I could see behind blue eyes
And all the things that dusty windows tried to hide
Then I could see behind the walls of Caroline
Behind blue eyes

I faced it
I’m wasted
Don’t fly away before your time
It’s funny
You owe me
Come on don’t fly away before your time.

But if I could see behind blue eyes
And all the things that dusty windows try to hide
Then I could see behind the walls of Caroline
Behind blue eyes.


(Oh boy.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Alexis!!! A bunch of us went out last night for our friend's birthday (and I stayed out far too late). It was certainly fun, but this morning I have a bit of a headache (that I hope some Excedrin will take care of) and a long day ahead of me. Last night was also memorable because a friend/business associate of mine welcomed his son into the world. Congratulations, J! How exciting for him and his wife!

Now I just have to buck up, work hard, and save whatever energy I have left in my body for the happy hour planned after work (I'll miss ya, M). I wouldn't miss the happy hour (after all, I helped plan it), but I'd better get a second, third or fourth wind by then if I plan on surviving the day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Does My Head Ache?

So I have anemia or bladder disease? Is this for real? I hurt my back a few days ago while slumped over my laptop on the couch. I know - my own fault for having horrible posture. But I thought maybe the headaches I've had are somehow related to hurting my back. This diagram (and related web site) seems to say differently. This other site says it could be high blood pressure (currently it's 128/97). Grrr... what does it mean if my head hurts in that "C" area?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Building A Mystery

Oh, Agence France Presse - WHO ARE YOU??? How do you know me? Why do you read my blog? I don't think I know anyone in France, do I?

Update! I received a lovely email from my French blog reader today. I actually don't know her (well, I do NOW), but she confirms that she isn't a stalker, so I can relax. :) Thanks for the email, A!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Baltimore Honfest 2008!

A few of us met for Honfest yesterday - definitely a smaller crown than last year, but yesterday was also Father's Day (Happy Father's Day, again, dad!), so not many folks could go. But Angie, Danielle, Alex and I all went, and it was pleasantly warm and not too crowded. There was SO much I wanted (like that "R" bracelet made from typewriter keys - how cute was that???), but I settled on only one necklace. It was $30 - more than I wanted to spend - but once I put it on I knew it was mine. I just love it.

I really enjoyed the stores in Hampden this time around. We revisited Breathe Books, where I found The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford last year. I love the store and loved browsing, but this year I couldn't find a book that suited was I was searching for. None of the religious or spiritual leanings seem to fit these days, so I walked out of there empty-handed. I really need to go back and dive into those books to see if there's something out there that helps me with what I'm feeling spiritually.

We also hit up one of my favorite Hampden landmarks - Wild Yam Pottery. This year marked two years in which I haven't purchased anything at that store, but my apartment is too small for any more serving dishes. Someday, someday, I can entertain at my home with all of the lovely pottery I own.

Then, of course, there's In Watermelon Sugar... the most delicious smelling place on the Avenue. I admit that I almost never buy anything in this store - nothing is really very practical - but I love it so. It smells delicious, and I suppose I'm always longing for a reason to need to buy one of their travel journals. They're gorgeous!

Lastly, one of my new favorite places is Earth Alley (mom, you'd love this place). They call themselves an "environmentally-conscious & fair-trade boutique" and have weird things like paper made from Elephant poo (profits go to save the elephants) and third-world country made art and jewelry. It's kind of like Ten Thousand Villages, but on a smaller scale. And this is also the place where I found my necklace... so as you can imagine... I'm hooked.

So the day was glorious - not too hot, not cool - and I ate yummy things like french fries and a Royal Farms icee (blue raspberry, of course). It was nice to spend time with my friends, friends I don't get too see as often as I'd like, and it was fun to just relax and enjoy one of Baltimore's coolest events. This was my third year in a row... I wouldn't miss it for the world.

A "typical" Baltimore Hon.

A "modern" Baltimore Hon.

A canine Baltimore Hon.

My Hons.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rainy Days and Weddings

I was the "guest" at a wedding yesterday, so I knew no one except the boy I went with. The ceremony was at 5 PM with reception immediately afterward on the property. For those Maryland readers, you might recall that it rained yesterday afternoon/evening, so it may be additionally humorous for me to add the it was an outdoor wedding. Yep.

The ceremony was to take place on the front lawn of the bride's dad's house, and even with the rain delay, we all sat through the ceremony sitting in wet folding chairs. Many had umbrellas, and those who didn't stood under trees or (in my case) used the bulletin (is it called a bulletin?) to cover my head. Most of us looked at least partially drenched by the time it was over, so not only didn't I know anyone, but I looked a mess. Ah fun...

Hey, anyone ever heard of Jay Henley? It was his brother who was married yesterday. Apparently this guy is pretty good. Let me know what you think.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Because Sometimes You Just Miss Home...

My mom called and told me that my grandma fell and broke her pelvic bone. She's okay, but in pain, and after the loss of my other grandma just under three years ago after a fall and illness... I am feeling really sad right now. I'm worried. Worried and scared.

I just want to be home right now, and this is really the best I can do.

Flashback Friday

Ooooh, Honfest. I love Honfest. This year will officially be my third year at Honfest. I'm definitely going on Sunday... maybe noonish? Just for some love and memories, here are some pics from my last two Honfests. No Jodi this time around, but everyone else should be available.

Honfest: June 2006

Honfest: June 2007

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Wednesday Again

I had a delicious banana martini at Five after work today. So good. Katie and I went out for good girl time that was long overdue for us. Oh - reader poll!

1. Do you eat calamari?
2. Do you eat the bodies? (I only eat the rings.)

After Five, I came home and got lazy. I am ashamed to say that I'm on my sixth day of 'Hills watching. HOW AM I STILL NOT DONE WITH THREE SEASONS? This is a ridiculous amount of MTV TV watching. The third season is decades long...

So who's up for honfest? I'm going Sunday for my third year in a row... although it's a honfest without Jodi. :( I'm going with the girls, but would love to meet for a cool down drink. Anyone?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"The house began to twitch..."

My commute. Now that was freaking scary...

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Hate Myself

And I hate my friend, Mike. Why? Because I am addicted to The Hills reruns. My cable didn't work when I came home today... but WHO CARES!?! I've been watching The Hills on for four days straight. Aaaahhhhhh!!!

I hate Heidi, I hate Spencer, I want to smack Brody, I love Lauren, and I'm intimidated by Lisa Love. I also now understand Obama's joke, I'll know who Brody is when I'm flipping through TV channels in a month and see him starring in the reality series, Bromance, and I've been told that Lauren's clothing line is actually quite nice.

Yep. I hate myself. I really do.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

An Unusual Day

So for those who did not attend - the PINK! event was a success! I don't know what the final tally is yet, but Katie did a great job producing it, and the team really came together and pulled it off well. Thanks to my friends who came out - specifically Angie, Kelli and CJ - it was great spending time with you and I know that the team appreciates your support.

So one of the silent auction items at PINK! was a set of tickets to the Timonium Dinner Theatre. Angie and I decided to co-bid on them since we'd never been there before, and goodness knows, we all need a little musical theatre in our lives, don't we? Well, we won the auction, and decided to use our tickets today and catch the final show of Grease! It was very last minute, but we were very excited. :)

Unfortunately... we were really let down.

It's hard for me to say here, but that little theatre needs love. The interior is boring and awkward, and the stage/set was really quite sad. (For those who knew me in high school, think the Oliver! set, but worse.) No part of the set was interesting, complete, or attractive. It was just bad. The actors actually had some decent vocal talent - a few in particular including Roger, Marty and Rizzo - but most of the acting was quite poor. It was actually very hard for me to wait (im)patiently for the show to be over. When it was, I told Angie to stop dilly-dallying (yes, I really said that), and we hit the road. I couldn't take it. I just can't believe they charge people for what we saw. Our high school plays/musicals/drama classes were better than that.

On the upside, we really liked the food. We stuffed ourselves on lots of yummy roast, and ended the meal with an ice cream sundae; and although that made us feel a lot better about the money we spent to get the tickets, it just couldn't make up for the show itself. I do want to say that I think that actors can be affected by low budgets and a lack of proper support - I just wish the cast could have had a better location, staff and production quality for all of the hard work they likely put in. I just can't see myself ever going back.

On the way home, Angi and I spotted an erratic driver on 695 who was weaving, waving his hands all around, and just being dangerous overall. I called 911 (it was really that bad), and we followed him to a neighborhood in White Marsh where the police showed up to talk to him. Of course, we left before the cops rang the doorbell, but we really thought that calling law enforcement on this guy was the best thing to do. It was really frightening how crazy he was driving, and it was even more frightening when we saw him take two young girls out of the car after he parked in front of his house. I hope he got a good talking to (or worse). It was completely irresponsible.

And with that, I'm off to sleep. This day has been an unusual one, and I'm anxious for some normalcy quickly.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Crab Feasting & Fundraising TODAY!

So I went to a crab feat last night. Don't worry - I stayed true to my Ohio upbringing and didn't pick any crabs. Maybe someday...

It was a gorgeous night. For those of you who know me from my Ohio days, I actually wore that yellow Ann Taylor Loft dress with little blue flowers - remember it? I haven't worn it anywhere for 5+ years but it fits! Yay! I don't have any pictures of me that I like, so I'll have to wait for other people to send me theirs. It was fun!!

For those of you looking for something fun to do today, join a bunch of us at HIGHTOPPS in Timonium for Eat, Drink, and Think PINK! - a fundraiser for the cure. The event goes from Noon - 5 PM, and features a live band (Bad Apples), buffet, door prizes and silent auction items for $25 at the door. Yes, it's $25, but your food and entertainment are included! In addition, only those who buy a ticket can bid on silent auction items, and I'm telling you - they are FIERCE! From massages and yoga classes to sewing supplies and O's tickets - there's stuff for everyone.

Another bonus: Hightopps is air conditioned! So get out of the heat, have a blast and help raise money for a great cause. (Plus, I'll be there - duh.) See you there, folks!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I Gave In

And installed the air conditioner. It has been so hot the last few days that I knew it was coming, but you can't blame me for wanting to hold it off as long as I could. With exception to the temperature improvement, I hate air conditioning air. It smells fake-like, doesn't it? And who likes fake air?

I'm tired. Last night Nicole and I met up at Canton Dockside for dinner. OMG it was fun. It was really the first time we've hung out on our own, and it was an absolute blast. We've always gotten along, but I guess I never realized how alike we are - we crack each other up. I always love Canton Dockside though, and it was nice for awhile last night so we got to sit outside. We talked, ate, drank, talked football with some guys (and this girl knows her football), and played a little shuffleboard. Yes, shuffleboard. Step off. It was a lot of fun, and I loved it.

On my way home at the end of the night I realized my phone was missing... yep. I looked everywhere and finally realized it might be in Nicole's car. I couldn't call her obviously, so I drove to her house in the middle of the night looking for it. I got lost, she was asleep anyway, and at the end of it all I wasted at least two hours in a state of panic trying to find the thing. As it turns out, she did have it and I got it back this morning. But what a night, eh?

So my exhausted self is going to start uploading the first season of Arrested Development, climb into bed, and watch a season or two of The Hills. A friend at work insists that this is a great show, so I promised to give it a shot. We shall see...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

So I Didn't Sleep Well...

...but I did remember what I wanted to mention. Yesterday my friends and I finished the six seasons of OZ, the HBO series. It was actually a good ending, although they definitely took a more philosophical route than we thought. I was happy (yes, happy) to see a few characters die and also glad that my 'favorite' character didn't die... but overall it was still more anti-climactic that I though I'd be. I think it was SC who said that by the time they end it, you don't care how it ends - and although I get that because the last few episodes were sketchy, I didn't feel that for the majority of the season. I really enjoyed the series overall.

So we've watched The Sopranos and OZ, and next we are going to tackle Arrested Development. It was only three seasons, so it should go pretty quick, but we felt we needed a break from drama after the two shows we've watched to date. Any feedback? What should we choose for a third? I want one of the following: Deadwood, Six Feet Under, or Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it has to be something that is no longer airing so that we can watch the whole thing. Thoughts?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Hmmm... I feel like I've had something to say all day, and now that I'm sitting down to type, it's gone. I spent the evening doing a lot of mindless nonsense, watched Work Out, and here I sit feeling uninspired. Oh well... maybe this means that I'll sleep well. Maybe my mind is just that calm and open.

Yeah, I know. We'll see. It's worth hoping for anyway.

Monday, June 02, 2008

I Have Good News

Um....... Cassie, Casey, Marie and I got tickets to see new kids on the block.

I AM SO EXCITED! Thank you so much Cassie for being so diligent when buying them, and thanks to you - WE HAVE FLOOR SEATS! Yes, I feel 13 again. Yes, I still love Joe McIntyre and want to have his babies. OMG. OMG. OMG. I am so. Freaking. Excited. :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008


The Weekend

I was so lazy yesterday. I stayed in all day watching old Cheaters reruns - I love that show. I also decided to do laundry, including the futon cover, which is a pain in the rear. But because the futon was open all day, the animals and I laid on it like we were sunning ourselves on a rock on the African savannah (can you picture it?). Like I said - lazy.

Then last night I double booked. Early on I headed to Little Havana for blogger drinks (happy birthday lovely bloggers!), then came back to Canton for some backyard drinking. Why-oh-why did I do shots? Captain Morgan and vodka jello shots at Canton Cove are not my friends. I probably only had five beers, but those darn shots did me in. I'm hoping to sweat it out on the sunny deck here shortly.(Lovely imagery, I know.)

(I must say that I really love the commentary in parenthesis. I realize it's like having a conversation with myself, but that happens to people when they live alone...)

Today I have few plans except for the following. I hope to get some sort of social time in, too (dinner, anyone?), but with the little headache that I have going on, I can only concentrate on the first part of the day.

1. Recover futon with clean cover - done
2. Do some general cleaning - done
3. Clean cat box
4. Work on tub drain - done
5. Hang planter hooks on deck - done and bought plants! (I feel so handy.)
6. Put tools away - done
7. Put laundry away - done
8. Cook something for lunches
9. Play some more with my N810 Internet Tablet (I likey) - done
10. Visit storage unit (drop off boxes, get fan)
11. Write letters (thanks, Marie, for the idea) - done

Let's see how many of these I can accomplish, if any. Stupid headache.

Oh yeah, and any idea why Sacred Heart keeps ringing their bells? Did someone die? Is there something to celebrate? It can't possibly be because of this (the Catholic church is so freaking 9th century, it's ridiculous). Those bells are keeping me awake, dammit.