Friday, February 18, 2011


I would be perfectly contented living in a place where it was always Spring. I'd manage the chill, dance in the rain, stomp in puddles, and hell... I never really liked myself in shorts anyway.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thoughts on Moving

By the way, before I get into this post, I would like to agree that I have been a terrible blogger. God awful. I know. I'm determined to do better by the 5 people who might actually read my blog anymore. So there you have it. I'm sorry. Let's move on...

So, a few thoughts on moving... I absolutely had no choice today but to throw away all of the St. Jude's free address labels that I've been hoarding (yes, hoarding) for the past five years. YAY! Whether I sent money or not (mostly not), I have no need to feel guilty anymore because I'm not using something that I didn't pay for. What a relief! It's such a weight lifted off of my shoulders! I wonder how long until I get them at the new address... Christmas?

Another interesting observation: I had to pay a bill (Patient First) with an actual check today. Remember checks? I'm not actually sure where my checkbook is at this point, but I came across a new box of checks with... you've got it... my OLD address on them! And here's the kicker: I spent FIVE years working my way through the checks with my old, old address on them, so I wonder how long I have to live here before I make it through this box... ah, well.