Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I Hate MySpace

Yes, I have a MySpace account, but I'm still allowed to hate it. It's messages like the one below that make my skin crawl. Is he really serious? Goodness...

hey prety mami
sorry about that im not tring be funny
but,mami u couldnt look more good than this..wow!lol
ur cute,u can call me daniel if u'd like.
i was just wondering if both can chat 4 a second atleast, b4 u leave mami?
whats good babey gurl?


Monday, October 30, 2006

Hot Off The Press

And now for tonight's news...

On Saturday one of my best girlfriends is coming down from NYC to visit me in Baltimore. Jodi and I went to high school together and participated in choir, showchoir, madrigals and our high school musicals together... not to mention tons of other stuff. We reconnected in July and I am SO excited to hang out with her again and show her around Baltimore. I can't wait!

My parents have moved into their new house. They received their keys on Saturday and the first moving truck unloaded today. They'll be unloading PODS for the next week, and I'll have a brand new home to come home to when I visit for Christmas.

I am a horrible dog-mom. I have been running around like a mad woman all week and stayed out late, late this weekend. Tonight I rushed home from work to let Antonio out before I headed to dinner. Poor, puppy. I finally got home and took him for a 10 minute walk at 10 PM. He was so excited. But I suck.

I ate an anchovie. Yep, I decided to take the plunge. Tonight I went to dinner at PAZO and had to rely on a friend to order because I can be the most indecisive human being on the planet. Anchovies made it to our table, and something inside of me decided to be daring. Who knows why. Well, it wasn't horrible... it was actually quite salty, and I like salt. I just don't think I'll be ordering them on my own any time soon.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Bed Linens!

I went out to buy sheets yesterday and bought new sheets, a new blanket and a new quilt. (inspiration, CLASSIFIED) After setting up my bed though, the sheets are going back. Red just looks better on a bed than off white. Period.

So I bought a cute quilt, which was needed because the one that I've been using was really meant for the guest bed, not for me. I just got sick of the duvet. Way too much maintenance. I also bought a down "alternative blanket." I don't know if you know what this is, but my God, it's cool. It's all silky and soft and WARM. I am in Heaven. Cute photo included for your reference.

My Sides Are Sore From Laughing

So a group of us hit up Power Plant and the Comedy Factory last night. First let me say that I am soooo not into the Halloween thing this year. I've already had my fill of girls walking around in rubber miniskirts and bee costumes in 30 degree weather. Give me a break.

So anyway, the headliner at the Comedy Factory, Tom Rhodes, KILLED me. I was cracking up. First of all, when he came out on stage he was already a bit toasty, but the two shots people bought him while he was up there did him in. Somehow he managed to finish the show... I wish I could remember more of the show, but the upside-down pineapple cake shots aren't helping my memory this AM.

Here are a few clips from his website (he didn't do all of these last night). Listen to the religion skit. Hell, listen to all of them. His delivery is perfect.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Windy, But Very Pretty

Thank You, Thank You

"I feel a very unusual sensation - if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude."
~Benjamin Disraeli

Friday, October 27, 2006

Flashback Fridays

Today I bring you a "then and now" Flashback Friday. You see, I've always been short. I'm 4'11" and I don't think I've grow (taller) since freshman year in high school. I'm the girl who asks strangers in the grocery store if they could please help me reach something. It's relatively inconvenient at times, but all in all I am used to it. I've lived with being small for 29 years, after all.

My "THEN" photo is from a church Christmas pageant when I was approx. 5 years old. My line was, "That's some ark you're building, Noah!"

And my "NOW" is from Claddagh Pub at the age of 29. Things don't change much, do they?

I Heart Hand Me Downs...

... or is it Hand Me Overs when it's a lateral hand off? Hmmm.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Long Days

The days this week have been long. It isn't that I'm not enjoying what I'm doing, because I positively am... but I'm frustrated, I think. I tend to work best when I am busy, and over the past few days there have been a lot of stops and starts.

I'm really not complaining, I swear, because I realize it will get crazy busy all too soon. Monday, actually... my first day on my own. But I know that next week will fly by because I'll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. As strange as it seems, I am looking forward to that. I have a mental deadline on how long it should take for me to be up and running, and I'm nearing two weeks down. I know that I'm merely exhausting myself, but I just can't help but push myself as far as possible, you know? I want to kick some ass.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I was reading Julie's blog and saw this cool face recognition thing she did. I, too, tried it with two different photos, but received totally different results.

The first photo gave me higher percentages, so I am leaning towards that one as far as accuracy is concerned, I guess. Besides, I won an Elaine (from Seinfeld) look-alike contest in college... and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on that first list. I kinda like that I may look like Clara Bow, though.

Comments? Which suits me more? The first or second photo/results?

Evening Light

I just liked the way the setting sunlight shone through these tree leaves... so pretty.

Heat, Sweet Heat

I FINALLY got my air conditioner removed today. Yay! When I came home from work it was 65 degrees in my apartment. I know that's not cold cold, but for me... it's uncomfortable. And I just can't imagine how it would have been at 4 AM, you know? My landlord also closed my skylight vents, which are left open during the summer to allow the heat to rise and leave, and hung the tree artwork that Richie bought me for my birthday. I tried to do it myself a few times, but it was hard and I got frustrated and quit.

(I just realized that I can take a photo for you to see.) Check out my beautifully hung artwork:
Pretty, eh?

Work is going very well, but I am still adjusting to the early mornings and am tired by the time I get home at night. Hopefully that will work itself out in a few weeks and I'll be able to get some of my social life back. :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh, Sweet Jesus

Does anyone watch What About Brian? Did you see the ending with Dave and Deena? I just about passed out when she opened the door.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday's List of To Dos

In no particular order...

1. Scrub and bleach floors - CHECK
2. Do dishes - CHECK
3. Do laundry - CHECK
4. Shower - CHECK
5. Review vendor contract for work - MONDAY
6. Vacuum - CHECK
7. Walk the dog - CHECK
8. Go to the grocery store (milk, cheese, cat food, triscuits) - CHECK
9. Clean inside of car - CHECK
10. Take out the trash - CHECK
11. Get landlord to remove AC unit - POSTPONED
12. Help landlord with computer issues - CHECK
13. Dust - CHECK
14. Transfer last week's work notes to new notebook - CHECK
15. Check on Jill - CHECK
16. Clean bathroom - CHECK
17. Clean windows/glass - CHECK
18. Pay CC bills - CHECK
19. Go through dog toys/throw old away - CHECK
20. Drop off mail - CHECK

Status as of 11:21 pm

Friendship Triathalon: Bar Hopping (3 of 3)

The third and final leg of the race included bar hopping and vocal acrobatics. After Flugtag (that's right, no break) we headed to JDs in Canton. The intention was to get a bite to eat, but it was too crowded, so (unfortunately) we skipped eating altogether. We had a drink here, then walked down to Walts Inn... my favorite bar in Baltimore.

Since we arrived at the start of the night, we were able to sing a lot of songs right off the bat.

Jill and I are extraordinary backup dancers!

Al and I dancing! He was enamoured with Jill and me all night.

Slim Jims are DELICIOUS! (Boy, my cheeks are red!)

Jill and Rob in a closeup. BFF!

Rob and Andy's boy love... Andy was quite suave on the microphone.

Jill and Charissa singing yet another song. :)

Karaoke rounded out the National Friendship Day Triathalon. I was dropped off around 12:30 AM, ate some noodles, and hit the sack. I slept pretty well all-in-all, but my knee is sore from all of the walking yesterday. A little ice and I should be good as new. Now it's time to prepare for another work week...

Friendship Triathalon: Flugtag (2 of 3)

The second leg of the National Friendship Day Triathalon was FLUGTAG. For those not in 'the know,' Flugtag means "Fly Day" in German. It is essentially an event sponsored by Red Bull energy drink where teams build aircrafts that are pushed off of a platform and rated on how well they fly. Most don't fly and fall... in this case, into the Inner Harbor.

It was super crowded, so although we watched a number of them 'launch,' it was hard to get photos. Here's a shot of the purple people eater.

Here's a flying goose and dancers.

This year there was a US distance record set in good, 'ole Bawlmer!

After we couldn't take the crowd anymore, we walked over to Federal Hill for libations!

[Partial] group shot!

Jill double chugging.

Rob, Richie and Charissa!

Kelly, Charissa and Dave at the bar.

Jill and Dave did shots at Kelly's friends' house.

Our original plan was to break between the second and third leg of the day, but instead we kept on, keepin' on. Part three coming up next.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friendship Triathalon: Hiking (1 of 3)

Today is National Friendship Triathalon Day. I haven't seen Jill in a whole WEEK! We started off the day in our hiking class (Community College of Baltimore County) and trekked over 4 miles up at Oregon Ridge. There were some tough parts, but overall, we really had a blast. Jill and I got to catch up on the multitude of things going on in our lives while getting good exercise!

Here's a photo of our class (sans Charissa). Soo, our instructor, is on the bottom left.

Jill searching for red-winged finches.

Charissa looking for blue lagaloons.

Here we are at our stop-n-snack area. There was a gorgeous pond behind us.

Some random photos to come later!!! We are off soon to the second leg of the triathalon: Flugtag. Catch you all later!

Update 10/22/06:

Here are a few more photos, as promised.

We got a little worried when they started following us... we couldn't find our way out of a picnic area, let alone a forest!

Another view of the pond from earlier.

A pretty little waterfall.

Stream crossing... we did this about four times. It's a lot easier with a walking stick.

Jill and Charissa

A view from the top!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Look What I Got!

Today I received my first Blackberry. YEEEES! I asked for one at my prior company for two years. My new company took 5 days. Oh, I love it so...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Groovy Shoe Thursday

I got to wear sneakers to work today. Yep - the ultra-businessy new job let me wear sneakers. Of course, it wasn't a normal day; I spent the entire day in the distribution center. :) Believe it or not, it was actually really, really cool. They have an amazing conveyor system, and we all had the chance to jump in and learn the stations and the responsibilities. I had a ball! I've always been a hands on kind of girl!

At lunch, another girl from training and I went shoe shopping at DSW in Hunt Valley. I totally made out with three pairs of shoes. Check them out!

Brown Mary Janes

Sleek Black Boots

Shiny Brown Buckle Shoes


Yay! I knew I was! Actually, I saw this on Snay's blog and figured that chances were pretty good that my name might just be uncommon. Check it out:

- There are 4,500 people in the U.S. with the first name Charissa.
- Statistically the 2762nd most popular first name. (tied with 414 other first names)
- 100 percent of people with the first name Charissa are female.

- There are 32,997 people in the U.S. with the last name Costa.
- Statistically the 1048th most popular last name. (tied with 122 other last names)

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Okay, it's not Christmas quite yet, but I had a Christmas-like day.

First, my work day went really well. I got to spend some one-on-one time with my boss over lunch which was really great. She's a tough lady and expects a lot, but honestly, it's about time I prove myself. I know I'm capable of kicking some major behind, but I've never really been given the chance to show what I can do. I can tell she really believes in me, and she's assigned some very high profile accounts to me. BIG names. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. :) She thinks that I might be the perfect candidate to take over an inventory project because I'm the data-girl (what's new?), and I expressed interest in a few accounts that they can't seem to get off of the ground. Those projects are right up my alley, so if I can prove myself with my assigned accounts, I'm going to have a lot of opportunity to make some waves. So, so cool.

While I was in training I received an email from the mail room that I had a package. I thought that was a bit odd for me to have a package on my third day, but low and behold, they gave me a box marked "perishable." FLOWERS! My recruiter sent me flowers to congratulate me on my job. Isn't that cool? They are orchids. I don't think I've ever received orchids before. They are gorgeous.

After work, I went to Target and bought a cute little bench that is going to serve as a coffee table/workspace from now until I master my job (so basically forever). It's large enough to hold two laptops (personal and work) yet small enough not to take over my very small living room. Super cute.

When I got home from Target I had TWO packages waiting for me. One of them held my new shoes, which, I am sad to say, are actually more of a sage than a camel color. They are still very cute (I'll keep them), but now I still need to find camel colored pumps in size 5 for work. That's going to be a pain. Grrrrr. But... I still had another package to open! Any guesses on what is was?

COOKIES! Yep, my gal, NPR Junkie cooked me cookies to raise my spirits, and BOY did they work. I asked for oatmeal raisin, and she made me BOTH oatmeal raisin AND sugar cookies. AND I got a card with a nice note. Can you believe what a terrific gal she is? Junkie... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

What a great Wednesday. Seriously.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jude or Nick?

Okay... I realized last week that I was overdue for another reader poll. In line with tradition, I have presented you with two good-looking men, Jude Law and Nick Lachey.

Believe it or not, these guys are only a year apart in age! In some ways they are quite alike, but very different in other ways. I have a favorite, but I won't share just yet... ;)

Jude Law or Nick Lachey?

The Second Day

Okay, okay... this day was waaaaay better. Not that yesterday was bad, but it's always slightly overwhelming the first day. Today we got to look at some company statistics that are updated daily and available to all employees, so I was in Heaven. I love statistics. I asked a lot of questions and really got a grasp on what I was looking at and what else would be helpful to see.

In addition, I had about an hour or so to sit with the guy who's position I am taking (he is leaving the industry altogether), and that was invaluable. It wasn't structured training, or even in depth, but I asked a lot of questions and was satisfied and comfortable with his answers. It's still a lot to learn, but today it didn't feel so insurmountable.

A VIP told me that it typically takes people 4-5 months to be "comfortable," so at least now I have a goal to beat! I'm shooting for 2-3, so we'll see how I do, I guess.

CJ and I are grabbing a celebratory drink at Claddaugh tonight. NOOOO, we aren't staying until close... we just want to hang out and celebrate my first week and her second neck thingy (it's a pain management thing, don't ask). Besides, I have lunch with my boss tomorrow, so I have to be sharp.

Feel free to meet us out, or at least raise a glass in our honor! :)

John Mayer

Has anyone downloaded/bought John Mayer's new CD, Continuum? That song "Dreaming with a broken heart" is haunting me. The line "was she really here..." kills me. And I love the piano. Ugh.

Monday, October 16, 2006

First Thoughts from the First Day

Wow. I'm sleepy... or weary as my mom likes to say. It's not that training was difficult, because it wasn't, it's just that by hanging out with the team I can finally begin to see the amount of knowledge I will have to absorb. Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, but dear God these folks work hard! The team member that I am replacing has two weeks left, and even though I am in training for this whole week, I am desperate to spent time with him and absorb as much of his knowledge as I can.

Everyone seems really excited to have me on board, which is both inspiring and overwhelming. I am very capable and proficient at what I do, but I can't help but feel a little extra stress from their high expectations. Do I think I can manage it? Yes. Do I think I can learn quickly? Yes. Do I think I can kick butt in the long run? Yes. But there's a part of me that hopes I don't let any of them down in the process, you know?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Job Day's Eve

I slept in again today then took a walk through Little Italy. I found about seven bags in trees, as well as a few nice photos for found beauty. A nice effort, all-in-all, and very relaxing. After my walk I came back and took Antonio for another hour long walk. It was worried that it was chilly for an 11 lb. dog, but it was far less windy than yesterday, so he handled it alright.

That all said, I just tried on my suit for tomorrow - it is one of the most comfortable outfits in the world. I looked for a photo of it online but couldn't find one... so I snapped this closeup of the fabric. It's kind of brownish with a maroon and green pinstripe/plaid throughout. So cool. Now if I could only afford ten or so I'd be all set. It's so nice. I look awesome. Ha!

Thank you to Mom & Dad, Angie, CJ, Jill, Rob, Paula and Marie for your calls/texts/emails wishing me good luck tomorrow. I am very excited, slightly nervous, and mildly anxious... which probably means very little sleep tonight. Oh well, that's what caffeine pills are for, right? :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Best Quote Ever

"Please don't mistake my anal retentiveness for actual affection..."

-Bree, Desperate Housewives

M'animal Cuteness

Food Notes

Two things:

First, I bought the roasted garlic triscuits, and I am soooo sorry gals, but I hate them. Not good. Not at all. I tried them a few times last night (you know, I kept coming back to them), and I really think they're just aweful. So if anyone wants to drive to the city and get a mostly full box of roasted garlic triscuits for free, please let me know. They're yours.

Second... has anyone seen the Fridays commercial promoting their new appetizers? One of the newest apps they have is a dish of deep fried green beans... and I officially want to go on the record saying that I tried this about four or five months ago! I swear I did. They were really good, but I was frying them in a skillet and really needed a fry daddy. I just hate it when people steal my ideas.

A Bloody Fab Day

Today rocked. Slept in (yeeeeessss). Made lunch. Then I walked around Fells Point snapping pictures for an hour and a half. I found a few Bags in Trees, but not as many as I had hoped, and I got a lot of good material for Found Beauty.

After Fells, I headed up to Towson and met CJ at Towson Town Center to SHOP [Insert sing-song version of the word 'SHOP' here]. What fun we had! I only had a few hours but we did some marathon shopping — our goal being twin sets, of course. I bought the cutest sweater (and necklace) at Coldwater Creek — a sweater I never would have bought if CJ hadn't taken me into that store. (They have petites!) It's so cute. Thanks, Ceej.

Once we were done, I drove to White Marsh and picked up my two newly tailored suits. I now officially have four suits, although I only plan on wearing just three of them because the fourth doesn't fit well. Minus a few pairs of shoes and a few more sweater sets, I think I'm all set for the new job next week.

I am now watching netflix, tv, and drinking wine with my homemade dinner of beef tips over noodles. I couldn't have asked for a better day... well, I could've asked for maybe one more thing, but I'm working on that for a day in the very near future.

Fab. Fab. Fab.

Guess What These Are

My mom sent me this photo earlier this week...
can you guess what they are?

Friday, October 13, 2006

For Ang & JB..... this is a Stupid Kid

I just wanted to make you laugh... love you. :)

The Film Strip

I hope you can see this. Jill and I took dorky photos of me around the office for my happy hour email invite. This is very reminiscent of the videos I took when I auditioned for Big Brother's second season. I'm weird, I guess — I like to see where I can make my body fit...

The Soundtrack

Do you ever feel as if the important moments of your life have their own soundtrack? I guess that I do.

Today as I did "the walk," which is the final walk around the building to say goodbye at my (now) old company, I had "Galileo" by the Indigo Girls running through my head. I don't think I realized that it was playing in the back of my mind until I walked out of the building for the very last time... then the song sounded louder. So I listened to it on CD as I ran errands, went to the doctor (regular check-up, nothing's wrong) and drove home.

I am staying home tonight with a bottle of wine and my animals, chilling out and resting from my rather exhausting week. There may be many or zero posts tonight based on the things going through my head... I can't tell yet, but for now I'll leave you with the soundtrack of my life.

Charissa's Lifetime: The Soundtrack
Track 5, Galileo (Amazon clip HERE)

Galileos head was on the block
The crime was looking up for truth
And as the bombshells of my daily fears explode
I try to trace them to my youth

And then you had to bring up reincarnation
Over a couple of beers the other night
And now I'm serving time for mistakes
Made by another in another lifetime

How long till my soul gets it right
Can any human being ever reach that kind of light
I call on the resting soul of galileo
King of night vision, king of insight

And then I think about my fear of motion
Which I never could explain
Some other fool across the ocean years ago
Must have crashed his little airplane

How long till my soul gets it right
Can any human being ever reach that kind of light
I call on the resting soul of galileo
King of night vision, king of insight

I'm not making a joke, you know me
I take everything so seriously
If we wait for the time till all souls get it right
Then at least I know there'll be no nuclear annihilation
In my lifetime I'm still not right

I offer thanks to those before me
That's all I've got to say
cause maybe you squandered big bucks in your lifetime
Now I have to pay
But then again it feels like some sort of inspiration
To let the next life off the hook
But she'll say look what I had to overcome from my last life
I think I'll write a book

How long till my soul gets it right
Can any human being ever reach the highest light
Except for galileo God rest his soul
(except for the resting soul of galileo)
King of night vision, king of insight

How long
(till my soul gets it right)
[til we reach the highest light]
How long
(till my soul gets it right)
[til we reach the highest light]
How long

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Very Own Happy Hour

Today I had my very own happy hour. That's right - a happy hour just for me. Unfortunately, I wish it was under happier circumstances, but you see, tomorrow is my last day with my company. I am excited and thrilled to take the next steps in my career, but it has been terribly difficult to leave some people who I have grown to care about.

I know that I'll have more thoughts on this subject this weekend as I let all of the emotions of the last few days digest, but for now here are some pictures from tonight.

Bruce and Charissa - Who will I talk about theatre with now?

Zenobia, Charissa and Stephanie

Jill and Charissa - BFF

Scott, Charissa and John - The "A" Team!

Ben from 'Apathy Eulogy', AKA 'the rockstar,' and his very excited fan!

Smiling Jill

John, Scott, Richie, Donny and a very horizontal Charissa

Sad Jill and teary Charissa - Oh how I will miss you....

Rob, Charissa and Jill - PCP!

Richie and Charissa by way of piggyback

Paula, Charissa and Kelly - So sorry that I'm leaving you, girls.

Boy do I heart these people.