Friday, March 30, 2007

Orlando: Recapped and Revisited

I saw the Foo Fighters live this week. Better yet, I was about 30 feet from them. One of the work parties in Orlando was at Universal Citywalk. It was a private party, which was pretty cool. So we go there, eat little hamburgers, crabcakes, sushi, drink fancy drinks (ok, I had Corona) and watched the Foo Fighters play. They actually said at the top of the show, "We just love playing office parties." Haha.
Other than the fact that I am too short to get a great view (because I didn't rush the stage), it was a great venue for the show. All of my photos are sorta blurry and have the tops of peoples heads in them. It's sort of aggravating, but I'm lucky to have been there at all.

The second night my company hosted a party at The House of Blues in Downtown Disney. There were too many vendors and customers there, so I didn't take any photos that I am going to post here, but it was awesome. It was kind of dark and rustic inside, and the "Blues Brothers" (notice the quotes) performed on a stage in the middle of the place. Our company logo was on blinky ice cubes, rubix cubes, napkins, and there were even ice sculptures of our logo. To top it off, there was an ice luge. I'm not kidding. I was shocked.

The rest of my time in Orlando was busy but far less exciting. I spent three days in breakfast meetings, vendor meetings, and running all over the convention center. For the record, I did not visit the location in the convention center where I had my seizure. I thought about it, but J, a friend at work, told me to let it go. So I did. *sigh*

So now I'm home, and the blog world seems quite. Is everyone too busy to blog? Are you all sick? What's going on out there?

I'm Home.

So it's 12:15ish in the AM, and I'm home - just flew in. I'd hoped I could take a nap on the trip back to Baltimore, but I forgot how cold it is on a plane at night. I was absolutely freezing, I had on flip flops, and I can't sleep if I'm cold.

I have so much to catch up on - both personally and professionally - after being gone for the week, but I promise to put together a decent blog tomorrow after work. Right now I am going to pet the cat (he's still meowing like crazy because I'm home), get into PJs, put some stuff away that I'll need in the morning, and hit the sack.

Wait. I should've put that into a list for you all. Let me try again.

1. Spend time with Elliott, the cat.
2. Change into pajamas.
3. Get ready for bed/put toiletries away.
4. Sleep.

Tomorrow morning I will pick Antonio up from the kennel before work. I am so excited. I miss him. Chat with you all soon, and have a good Friday. Goodnight, all.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Business Travel

Ugh. I hate packing. I am packing because I head to Florida tomorrow morning, at an hour when no one should be awake. The upside? I get to wear jeans on the plane because I'll get there early enough to change. The downside? It's work. Business travel is overrated.

Today I left work early again only to pick up Antonio and drop him off at the kennel. I felt horrible about picking him up and dropping him off so quickly that I let him lick my arm on the drive. He's a lick-aholic. I'm not a huge fan of all of the licking, but it makes him feel secure, so what can you do?

As far as the kennel - he really loves it there. It's more painful for me to leave him than it is for him to be left. He is one of their favorite boarders because he's so darn charming, so I know that he's well taken care of and spoiled. It all comes down to the fact that I don't like being home without him, and tonight I am.

Well, back to packing. I'll try to blog from Orlando, but who knows what I'll have time for because I'm only there three days and two nights so it's a rushed trip. Life without blogging - can you imagine?

I Thought I Was Cool...

... and Johnny Dollar thought he was cool, too. We are both new members of the "I thought I was cool" group on

Should I be embarrassed at my 1980's "do" and glasses? Nah.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

So Long, Farewell

I've lived in this apartment for nearly 2 1/2 years. I just realized that this morning. Huh.

Today I was awoken by the sounds of men shouting on my block. Turns out that my neighbors across the street - who I have had very little interaction with - are moving. Two guys who, you know, wear big baggy pants and sleeveless jerseys all year long, and their extended family of men who all look like the guys from Orange County Choppers.

So I watched for awhile as they passed box springs, mattresses and other heavy furniture out of the second story window, yelling at each other from the truck, the street, the stoop, and the windows. And then I saw it.

My car. Directly in front of their house. For a second I thought that I should throw on some jeans and run out to move my car, but that thought quickly faded when I realized that they had three vehicles, all with wooden trailers, blocking the street. F!

So I've been watching on and off for a few hours, hoping that I won't be drawn back to the window after hearing the loud *bang* of something being dropped on my car. I can just vaguely remember them moving in, but I realize now that two houses have moved in and out since I lived here, and four others have moved out completely. I also have an unusually high number of homes for sale on my block - four - and soon there will be two for rent.

I'm becoming a fixture on my street. How interesting to be that.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Snow Patrol & Swim Costumes

Oooooh, I am a lucky, lucky girl. I saw Snow Patrol LIVE in DC last night. I took off of work and hour or so early, let out Antonio, and jumped into Rob and Jill's car to head down to American University. Oh my God, what fun.

Well, let me restate. The first band, Silver-something, was awful. No enunciation at all so I couldn't understand what they were saying. In addition, it was practically a one man show because the lead singer/guitar player sang and head banged and danced all over the stage while the other band members stayed put. It was kind of cool that there was a girl in the band, but she might as well have been a guy because she brought zero personality to the show. Bad, bad, bad.

The second band was OK Go, known mostly (or so I think) for the "Here it Goes Again" video on YouTube of them on treadmills. (You can view it here. Trust me, it's worth it.) They also told us that they have a new video out to "Do What You Want," so go and watch it here.

Phew! So two bands down and the arena was filling up. While we waited, we played "I Spy" games, such as "Find the Oldest Person in the Room," or "Find the Couple Having the Worst Fight." And while we were doing all of this people watching, we noticed a peculiar occurrence in the next row. It was a woman. With a rat's tail. Wearing a vest of patches. Hmmmm. She wasn't with a boy scout troop or anything - we looked. Just there. At a Snow Patrol concert. In patches.
This is her rat tail. My apologies that the photo is blurry, as I was trying really hard not to make it obvious that I was taking a picture of her. I didn't want her to know that I was making fun of her. (Although I'm pretty comfortable doing it here, aren't I?).

This is a close up of her badges. There's a Blueridge Parkway Badge, an Alaska Badge... I wonder if Cham also has a badge vest that she adds to when she completes a hike. Cham?

Here's a pic of Rob, Jill, and I waiting for Snow Patrol to start.

Okay... so the show.... was AWESOME. They sound amazing live, and they chat and tell stories and laugh the whole time. It is a laid back concert in that you just felt comfortable, but it was fast and flashy and upbeat, without making me feel old.

This is the start of the gallery of photos and videos. If you zoom into the photos they are blurry because my camera had a hard time zooming and focusing in the flashy lights, but they look great at this size. :)

This was cool. They had the audience hold up their cell phones like lighters. It was the neatest effect. I kind of looked like those sea anemones that glow in the dark because it was a moving mass of lights.

One of the stories they told was about an interview they gave before the show. The concert was in an arena at American University, so the "Green Rooms" were essentially the sports teams' locker rooms. Anyway, he gave an interview in the girl's swimming team locker room and said that he felt like a bit of a pervert when he realized that their "swim costumes" were hanging out in the open for all to see. Funny little Irishmen.

Here is a partial video of "Shut Your Eyes."

This is a video of Snow Patrol performing "Set Fire to the Third Bar." The cool thing about this video is that an audience member, Valerie, performed with the band in place of Martha Wainwright. I hope Valerie finds this - it would be pretty special for her to have, I think.

This last video is actually two songs... I started taping "Light Up" and couldn't stop because they launched into "You're All That I Have" right away.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

That Time of the Month

NO, not THAT time.... it's pampering time. I have now progressed to having facials every 4-5 weeks. It's certainly not the best idea for the budget, but it's excellent for my peace of mind. The last four or so facials that I've had have been after work, and without fail, I fall asleep in the middle of the session. Of course, I'm always a little embarrassed, but J, my facial person (what is her title, anyway?), is great about it. It's a fabulous way to end a stressful day... I fully expect to sleep well tonight.

What I love the most about these treatments is how great my skin looks afterward. Since I'm half Italian and half Irish (I know - a caustic mix), I have done some moderate damage to my fair skin. I've been using BioElements products now for months and have seen a noticeable improvement in my skin overall, but it looks 10x better when I leave the spa!

Okay, time for a glass or two of wine - the perfect follow up to a little bit of pampering, I'd say.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In Stitches

Does anyone else think that Stitch - from Disney's Lilo & Stitch - looks like a French Bulldog? I just love the little critter! (Kinda makes me want another dog, though.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

M-Idol Thoughts

I'm going to make this quick and easy. I have two favorites right now, and I've gotta believe that you all are feeling the same way. There's just no way these two aren't at the top of everyone's lists. Why am I so confident? Because I have really, really good taste. (In singers.)

Blake Lewis - So fun to watch. I love the beat boxing, but he's just plain entertaining!

Melinda Doolittle - I chose this photo because it's so Melinda. She is such a great performer, and on top of that she's a sweetheart.

These two are at the top of their games. Let's hope they keep it going.

Pills and Treats

We don't serve too much canned pet food around here. We use it for two things: pills and treats. Wet food is a God-send. Why? Well, I don't enjoy pilling my animals, so if a tablespoon or two of wet food makes them gobble down medicine, then I'm all over it.

In addition, we most definitely appreciate good treats around here. If Antonio is especially good (or if I have been an especially bad mom), canned food is instantly on the menu! I can't help it. I like to see my pets happy. It's, well... rewarding.

So I know I'm a few days late on this post, but as I explained, determining if the two cans of wet dog food in my apartment were bad was not at the top of my to do list.

For the record... we're good. From the information on the website, most of the date stamps on the effected cans are late 2009/2010. Our cans are dated "Jun 09" and "Jul 09." I double checked the UPC numbers too. We're in the clear. You may now breathe a sigh of relief.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Magical Thinking

That's the book I am listening to now. It's a collection of short stories by Augusten Burroughs, the author of Running with Scissors, and its sequel, Dry. When I first read those books, I bought the actual physical copies of them and read the words straight off of the page, but this time I downloaded a book from iTunes. Isn't technology strange?

Just to clarify, my priority is still starting Laura Lippman's books... but after perusing the selection on iTunes, I decided that I actually want to READ her books, instead of listen to them. I have a 'thing' about buying books that I believe I'll really enjoy. I want to be that old lady with a collection of excellent books that I have read throughout my life.

As for Magical Thinking, it's car noise. It's funny, don't get me wrong, but I can steadily work through the nine hours of listening time while driving to and from work or Joe's, so it seems like a more valuable use of time than listening to, let's say, Wilson Phillips. Goodness gracious. I'm trying to be practical even in the car. I'm a lost cause, aren't I?

The Greatest Show on Earth! (And More)

So Joe and the kids and I went to the circus on Saturday. (Yes, I said the kids... he has two.) It was SO MUCH FUN. I had never been to an actual circus before, only Cirque du Soleil, and this had everything that I wanted/expected: tigers, elephants, trapeze artists, canons, and monkeys. (Ok... there weren't any monkeys. It just sounded good.)

The kids really like trains (like my nephew Zavier), so we drove to Owings Mills and took the commuter rail into the city. Sooo much more affordable than parking at 1st Mariner Arena, I'll tell you what. And definitely tons more fun. Once we got to the arena, my God was it bloody expensive! Light-up toy things were $20 or so apiece! Food? Unreal. But Joe's awesome... and we had our fill of cotton candy (I LOVE cotton candy), popcorn, drinks, and beers (adults only).

My favorite acts were the predictable ones: the tigers and the elephants. They are just amazing. I think the kids liked the race cars and the dancers the best. I was surprised there weren't any lions. When did white tigers replace lions? Aren't lions required at a circus?

Even though I took a lot of photos, many turned out blurry because I didn't use the flash. I have a few cute ones of the kids, but I don't want to post those without Joe's permission. Here are two pics that turned out super-mediocre (you know, just to prove that I was there).

Here's one of the elephant march - but it's kinda dark.

Here's another one of an elephant being served in a restaurant by the humans.

All-in-all, it was a whole lot of fun. I'm glad I finally got to experience an actual circus, and I was relieved to see that all of the animals looked healthy and very well taken care of. By the end of the day I was absolutely beat. I'm just not used to that much excitement! Well, that much excitement plus kids. :) I know we won them over, though, because they kept asking to go back for the rest of the night - even while they were fighting sleep on the car ride home. Ha!

On the flip side, today was grown up day. I met NPR Junky, Anger Hangover and LF for brunch in Canton, and we had a marvelous time. Despite our $4 orange juices (but oh, so good), we had a blast at Helen's Garden, an artsy-fartsy place on the square. We followed that up with beers locally, and well... the conversation just went downhill from there. But hell! That's what girl time is all about! Unfortunately, I had to take off to prep for my big date (haha), so the girls continued on without me. I'm sure they missed me terribly. :)

This evening Joe and I grabbed food at Tutti Gusti, a delicious Italian takeout, and I finally saw Little Miss Sunshine. It was really enjoyable, although a bit more drama and a little less comedy than I thought it would be. Does that make sense? It was great to have some downtime with the BF, though. This week is going to be exhausting (and I'm missing CJ, of course, who is on vacation). This weekend was the calm before the storm.

Ah well... I'm off to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow. And so another week begins...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Charissa is... a copy-cat.

Okay... I wasn't going to do this, but mine were SO FUNNY.

Stolen from NPR Junky and Danielle... it's the "Charissa is..." game. Just Google your first name with "is" after it and write the first ten things you get. My name is so freakin' uncommon, that my results crack me up. hahaha.

1. Charissa is only 4'11". (How'd he know?)
2. Charissa is a strategic manager who has consistently delivered positive results in a variety of inside sales, sales operations, and customer service functions.
3. "Charissa is instrumental in my process as a learner," Constance said.
4. Charissa is also a Reiki master.
5. Charissa is an aggressive hitter with the ability to place the ball anywhere on the court.
6. Charissa is such a strong woman because of her faith...
7. Charissa, is this really you?
8. Charissa is Offline.
9. Charissa is a lyric soprano with experience as a soloist.
10. Charissa is also a member of the immigration and data protection teams...

And I couldn't stop at ten because they... Just. Got. Better.

11. Charissa is not paralysed.
12. Charissa is still standing there.
13. Charissa is a lesbian who wants a church wedding.

Well, I AM 4'11". At least someone got that one right. :)

Um... What Is THIS?

So I am a wine tester... I have a handful of wines that I buy regularly, but I pad that list with wines that I've never tried before, just to keep things interesting. So I opened a new bottle of wine last night (it's at Joe's, or I'd tell you the winery), and I see THIS! What is this? I've seen natural corks, rubber corks, and screw tops... but a glass plug?

Is this some new trend in bottling?

Glass plug in the bottle. (It has a rubber seal on it.)

Me holding said plug.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lost & Found

I was scanning photos on my laptop tonight and found a bunch of pics from my Natty Boh brewery photo shoot in an unlabeled folder. When I first took these snapshots, I remember that one really popped out at me, and so I used that on Found Beauty and received quite a few compliments after posting it. (And I was reminded that I promised a printed copy to my friend, NPR Junky - So sorry, girl. I'm on it.)

Months later, I think I have a new found respect for some of my work. I still think that the photo I posted on Found Beauty is best, but now I think I like one or two others just as much. I dunno... tell me what you think. I think this whole exercise says a lot for the value of taking a few steps back and coming back to a project after some time has passed. These pictures look totally different to me now than they did before.

My originally posted photo:

The lost & found photos:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ten on Tuesdays

1. Tyler Hicks' new album ROCKS. I just love the song Runaround. I can't get enough of it. Even if you hate American Idol you should give this song a listen. It's just fun.
2. Speaking [writing] of fun, I love Brandi Carlile, a singer that Marie recommended to me in Sunday's post. She's like a chilled, folk-like Janis Joplin or something. Very acoustic. Very raw. Too cool.
3. Why is it that I am incapable of drinking milk after the "fresh" date? Everyone is always telling me that milk is still good for a few days after that date, but I can't do it. I'd pour a whole gallon down the drain before I'd drink it after that date.
4. My apartment is clean. It smells clean. God bless linen spray.
5. I need a haircut. And I need my highlights done. I so don't want to spend $100 on my hair so I keep putting it off, but I am going to a trade show later this month and I'm going to look raggedy by then if I don't force myself to make an appointment.
6. I miss Lee's ice cream. At my old job there was a Lee's ice cream place right across the street from work. For my non-Baltimore readers, this is a local ice cream company. They make mint brownie ice cream, and it's just unreal. Yum.
7. Still lovin' on Eddie Izzard... Joe and I watched The Riches Monday night, and I'm already a fan. Did anyone else see this? I think I freaked Joe out when I pulled out my collection of Eddie Izzard memorabilia. I have about a half dozen signed photos and a variety of tapes and other knick-knacks. Sorry, babe. I have an Eddie addiction. :P
8. I need to figure out a way to get to bed earlier. 11 PM would be terrific. I don't know why I have a hard time getting to bed before then. I just can't convince myself. I need to grow up.
9. It was 68 degrees today! If I go out tonight - I might be able to wear a spring top!
10. Is it Friday yet?

Monday, March 12, 2007

"Everyday is Work, Work, Work."

It's a movie quote - I am not complaining about work. But 10 points to the person that can tell me what movie it's from. And hurry... because my mom knows this for sure.

Well, back to work. I snapped a few photos last week of my team working some hard and long hours. They are a sober bunch, and they take their jobs and responsibilities very seriously. I don't want to brag or anything, but I am a lucky woman to be able to interact daily with such a driven group of people.

Truly, I am. (heh heh heh)

Who are these characters, you ask? Well, let's just say we could make our own game of Clue.

The wealthy widow.

The Russian General.

Classic Charissa. (I'm so sick of me!)

Giggly McLaugherson.

The Fresh Prince.

Elvis has left the building!

A little too much mojo.

"A big man in a lit-tle coat."

Aren't you impressed? What a blessing!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

This Weekend's iTunes Downloads

1. Not Too Late - Nora Jones
2. The Open Door - Evanescence
3. The Greatest Hits - Wilson Phillips
4. PCD (two songs only) - The Pussycat Dolls (YES, I hate myself.)
5. When I See you Smile (song only) - John Waite
6. Taylor Hicks - Taylor Hicks
7. The Best of Third World - Third World

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Driving Photos

Before my pictures, I'd just like to report that Laura Lippman commented on my blog. I figured you might miss it if you don't go back and check old posts, so I wanted to let you know.

Now that my one interesting item has been covered for today, I present - my random driving photos.

The clouds were huge this Saturday when Antonio and I came back from the vet.

I like the way the ramps are imposing on the picture... it's not professional or anything, I just liked how it turned out considering I was driving at 70 mph when I took it.

Too bad that car drove through this shot.

I love the water tower and clouds. I guess I could have cropped it, but these are driving photos... the imperfection is part of the fun.

Oooh... this is a fast snapshot of one of two accidents that held up traffic on 83 Thursday morning.

The first was a six car pile-up. This was a flipped car. I was so late for work that day...

This is a terrible photo, but it's a shot through my windshield of the car that either hit or was hit by the flipped car.
My favorite. The city enveloped in fog.

Too bad that I the red traffic lights are in it, but I couldn't get out of the car for a 30 second light. Oh well... It's still cool.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Flashback Fridays

I don't know if this is a legitimate flashback for 'Flashback Fridays,' but I don't suppose it matters - it's my blog. You see, my sister and her family live back in Ohio, and we are both so busy with families/careers/lives that we don't get to speak as often as we should. But recently, my sister has learned the magic of texting, so even though we haven't had anything more than a five minute conversation this week, we've been able to keep in touch over the airwaves.

This flashback is from a year and a half ago during my Fourth of July trip home. I love this photo of us. The beads are a kid toy - they light up when a you turn them on. I think my nephew put them on me. And I love Melanie's hair here, too. (She's a theatre person, so she's always changing it.)

Anyway... me and my sister. I love you, Mel.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Guess Where I'm Gonna Go?

Go ahead. Guess!

** Update **

This is where! Next Saturday, March 17th!
We can't wait!!!!

Everyone Needs An NPR Junky

I arrived home today to a wonderful care package - a gift that could only be from my awesome friend, NPR Junky. You know, there's no better friend than one who does something just because. You know?

I got SOOOOAAAP! These are the coolest little soaps ever.

I got avowash soap, SEX BOMB soap, karma soap, sea vegetable soap and sweetie pie shower jelly. The soap even came in a box with a catalog: a soap catalog.

Dearest NPR Junky,
You are a super fabulous friend. I love my soap. My work weeks have been crazy busy recently, so what a surprise to receive such a lovely gift. I must admit that I can't wait to pamper myself with this wonderful deliciousness. I owe you drinks. Hell, I'll buy you dinner! Let's get together soon, either for food and drinks, or for some AH and LF gun slinging.
Your friend in cleanliness,

Woo-hoo, I can hardly wait to shower!

Ten on Tuesdays*

*Stolen from Marie's blog

1. Antonio got a microchip this week, and I can't help but think he looks different. I keep saying, "You have a computer chip in your back!" but he has no idea what I'm saying.
2. Monday caught me off guard. I'm all motivated and stuff at work. The Company is really good at making you think you can change the world. It's weird. And kinda cool.
3. I wish I wasn't out of chili. I don't even like chili, but ever since Russ made chili at the bonfire, it's just about my favorite food (except for nachos). My chili isn't terrific, but I experimented with spices, and I am pretty proud how it turned out. Yum.
4. I wish cats didn't vomit. In fact, I really wish my cat wasn't allergic to all things chicken, because that makes him puke. I hate cleaning up cat puke.
5. My new wool suit was perfect for Monday's weather. I love my new suit. I love being able to wear suit... even if I do miss my open-toed shoes quite a bit.
6. I like Joe.
7. Sneezing and watery eyes gets old after a few days. I never used to have allergies, but the older I get, the worse they get. I apparently don't know how to take care of myself, either. Did you know Benadryl makes you drowsy? Even if it's not the nighttime kind... it still makes you tired.
8. Speaking of tired - Sleep is good.
9. Music is better.
10. I really, really miss my computer games. I have to set time aside this weekend (now that I'm NOT going to Seattle for work - yay!) to play. Computer games fill my soul with happiness and sunshine. Okay... that's an exaggeration... but still. They make me happy.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Year Ago

I was just browsing through my photos, waiting for sleep to set in, and I came across this photo from a year ago. I miss those crazy Prevatts. :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dear Laura Lippman,

Thank you for linking to my blog. I was very excited to see the referrals from a famous writer's web site to my humble little space on the web. I feel honored to be receiving any recognition from a celebrity such as yourself.

I feel obligated to admit that I have not read your novels. Currently, I am reading Dan Brown's Deception Point, which was recommended by a friend (even though my blog says that I am re-reading A Prayer for Owen Meany... oops). It's satisfactory, but it hasn't roped me in quite yet. I really enjoy novels that grab me from the get-go and won't let me stop reading them until I've finished.

I must admit that I now feel a heightened sense of responsibility to read your work, a responsibility which is actually long overdue given my love for Baltimore. So if you would, could you make a recommendation on which book would be a good place to start? I tend to read authors chronologically, in case there are any recurring characters or themes from book to book (which I know there are in your books), and that would start me off with Baltimore Blues. But on the off chance that you may actually respond, please let me know if there is a more appropriate place to begin, such as with What the Dead Know. (It sounds absolutely fascinating.) I figure that it's worth the inquiry in case you happen to stop by.

Thank you yet again for your link. I will be forever grateful.

Kindest regards,
Charissa Costa

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Productive Day So Far

Antonio went to the vet today for his annual appointment. He is very healthy but weighed in at 11.1 lbs, which is a bit heavy for him. I decided last minute to have him micro-chipped. It was such a HUGE needle that it freaked me out at first, but honestly, he didn't seem to notice. It cost $44 for the chip and registration in Maryland, and another $17.50 to have him registered nation-wide. All of the cost is worth it to know that the likelihood of losing him is now pretty low. And there's always the added bonus of name calling. I'm writing a new song for him now in my head. "An-to-ni-o.... he's a bi-on-ic doooog..."

I also picked up my other new shoes today. I have been looking for a nice pair of tan or camel-colored heels for work for months. Aren't they nice? They are somewhat "springy," and still are technically closed-toed, which is a requirement for work. I can't wait to wear them (although I CAN wait until Monday). Annie - both of these new shoes are Aerosoles, and I bought them online. I don't think I answered you before. Sorry!

Have a good Saturday!

Together Again

We had a momentous evening this week - the whole groupie group got together again at Claddagh to watch Wes and Drew play. It had been awhile since all of us were there, so it was a mini-reunion of sorts.

CJ and I met early and had dinner, not knowing that anyone else was planning on coming, but then we started getting texts from Jess and Russ encouraging us to come, and then heard Angie was on the way. It was so great to be all together. With Angie in school, Jess and Russ' businesses taking off, and CJ and I crazy busy with our personal lives... nights like this have been few and far between.

I only took a few photos, and I didn't get Jess at all, but here they are anyway. They are all me and someone else, so I apologize for the repetitive Charissa shots in advance.

Da..... boys. (Drew Yount, left, and Wes McDonough)

Russ and Charissa - showing the love.

Charissa and Angie - always taking pretty pictures together.

This is really my favorite. A typical shot of CJ and Charissa - this girl does not like her picture taken!

I hope we can do this all again soon. I have a Seattle trip, Orlando trip, Florida beach trip (maybe), and a Reno trip coming up within the next three months. I need to make sure to get in that quality groupie group time, that's for sure.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


To my male readers: GO BACK.

To my female readers: What do you see wrong with this picture? Isn't it disturbing that feminine products are located next to roach killer? I mean seriously.