Monday, October 25, 2010

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Antonio the "Difficult Medical Case"

I have read more articles and stories about dogs and illnesses in the past few months than anyone should ever read. Antonio and I saw the vet again today, and together the doctor and I began listing all of the symptoms that have begun to afflict my poor dog during the past four months. Here is the list as it is today, in case someone, like me, does a web search looking for answers for their sick pet. We're scheduled to see an Internal Medicine Specialist next Wednesday.

Miniature dachshund
10 years of age
10-11.5 lbs normally

Recent Symptoms Include:
Depression/mood changes
Excessive drinking/urination
Refusal to go on walks
Refusal to use the stairs
Disinterest in play/toys
Significant weight gain (currently 14.6 lbs)
Distended stomach (no fluid that we can tell)
Vision problems/blindness
Liver bile acids tests well over 100 fast/post fast (150/240)
Inconsistent elevated calcium levels
Inconsistent elevated blood sugar levels
Swollen lymph nodes
Elevated heart rate (on occasion)
Slightly labored breathing (with elevated heart rate)
Dry/cracked nose

Xray/ultrasounds show:
- No visible liver shut
- Stomach cyst
- Slightly enlarged liver
- Slightly enlarged kidneys
- Adrenal gland tumor (7mm)
- Stomach cyst (unknown origin)
- Gallbladder sludge (no blockage)
- Calcification in soft tissue near hip

Medications Prescribed During This Time:
Hill’s Prescription Diet L/D

This is what we have seen to date, and the symptoms seem to wax and wane, suggesting a toxin or hormonal influence. We don't have much history on Antonio's blood pressure, so I'm measuring his heart rate at home and will take him in for a blood pressure check when the heart rate increases. Next Wednesday the specialist will most likely do another ultrasound and may suggest laparoscopic surgery to obtain internal biopsies and images.

Diagnoses That Have Been Discussed:
Cushing's Disease
Liver Disease
Some Unknown Neurological Cause
Gallbladder Disease (rare)
Bone Cancer
Pheochromocytoma (rare)

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Friday, October 08, 2010

I wonder...

I really wonder what dogs think about elevators. I was reminiscing this morning about bringing my dog to work once on the weekend to pick up a few things, and I watched him as we entered the elevator, the door closed, and then we exited the elevator on a completely different floor. Dogs are relatively spacial, right? When a ball rolls under a couch or a piece of furniture, they know to check to see if it came out the other side. So what does he think about door opening and closing and the entire world changing on the other side?

I must say that I expected him to be frustrated or confused, but he didn't seem to care or notice - he just seemed to accept that everything was okay. And at the end of the day, maybe I'm a little disappointed at that. Not that I would ever want him to be worried or upset, but some reaction or contemplation would be cool.

Oh well. I suppose dogs don't think about elevators at all... but clearly people do. At least this one. Or maybe I'm just thinking about dogs...